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The Newbie's Linux Manual

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Because I use Red Hat Linux, there's the occasional reference to Red Hat Linux. This does not mean however that this is a Red Hat Linux manual. It is a Linux manual.

Another thing you should know, is that this manual only ever uses the default 'bash' shell. Reference to other shells only helps to complicate matters for those new to Linux.

Hopefully this manual cuts through all the cryptic nonsense, to get straight to the information you need. Enjoy...

Part 1 - Hands On

    The Very Basics

  1. The No Nonsense Red Hat 5.2 Installation Guide
  2. Logging On And Shutting Down 12th June
  3. I Need To Know The Most Useful Linux Commands
  4. Accessing Drives

  5. I Need To Access My Floppy Drive!
  6. And What About My CD-ROM?
  7. Bet I Can't Use My Zip Drive Though?!
  8. How Do I Access My Windows Files?
  9. Net Basics

  10. I Must Have Net Access!
  11. Now How Do I Setup, Get And Send My E-mails?
  12. Customising At The Command Line

  13. Any Way To Shorten All Those Huge Commands?!
  14. How Do I Customise The Command Prompt?
  15. The GUI Bit

  16. I'd Like To Boot Straight Into X Windows
  17. How Do I Add More WindowManager Themes?
  18. Programming

  19. How Do I Create My First Shell Script? 14th June
  20. How Do I Create, Compile And Run a C Program?
  21. Miscellaneous

  22. I Want To Change The Default Operating System
  23. How Do I Add a User?
  24. How Do I Zip And Unzip Stuff?
  25. How Do I Install And Configure a Program?
  26. Know Any Quick And Handy Tips?

Part 2 - Essential Theory Made Simple

  1. The Shell
  2. Files
  3. Access Rights Intro 8th June

By Laurence Hunter >> laurence@thebits.co.uk

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