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How Do I Access My Windows Files?

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This guide is for IDE hard drives. If it's a SCSI hard drive you want to access then the partition name will begin with 'sd' instead of 'hd'.

- 1 -

Log-on as 'root'.

- 2 -

Unless you already know the name Linux has allocated to the MS-DOS partition you wish to access, enter:

dmesg | less

...and scroll down the list using the down cursor key, until you find what you're looking for. It's likely that it's 'hda1' you're trying to access if you have the one hard drive and Windows was installed before Linux.

- 3 -


mkdir /mnt/dosc

...to create the directory you will mount your DOS partition in.

- 4 -

Now mount the drive using the command (replacing 'hda1' if the partition name you want to access is something else):

mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/dosc

- 5 -

To examine the contents of the DOS partition, enter:

ls /mnt/dosc


Until you unmount the partition, '/mnt/dosc' is for all purposes 'just another' directory.

By Laurence Hunter laurence@thebits.co.uk

With thanks to Phil Cupitt phil@philcupitt.force9.co.uk

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