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How Do I Install And Configure a Program?

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There are many different ways to install a Linux program, this won't help you install any Linux program, but it will give you a basic idea. Welcome2L, is a funky little package, that will display one of 3 different pictures for your command line log-on screen. Sadly, like most Linux programs, it features lousy documentation. Fortunately, I'm here to help ;)

Download Welcome2L (109k)

- 1 -

Log-on as 'root'.

- 2 -

Go to the directory where the file 'Welcome2L-3.01-1_i386.rpm' is located.

- 3 -


rpm -ivh Welcome2L-3.01-1_i386.rpm

...to install 'Welcome2L'.

- 4 -


cd /etc/rc.d

- 5 -


pico rc.local

- 6 -

Comment out the lines:

echo "" > /etc/issue
echo "$R" >> /etc/issue
echo "Kernel $(uname -r) on $a $(uname -m)" >> /etc/issue

...and add this line:

/usr/bin/Welcome2L -scr2 -msg"Red Hat Linux 5.2" -getty> /etc/issue

...so that now the file contains the following:

# echo "" > /etc/issue
# echo "$R" >> /etc/issue
# echo "Kernel $(uname -r) on $a $(uname -m)" >> /etc/issue
/usr/bin/Welcome2L -scr2 -msg"Red Hat Linux 5.2" -getty> /etc/issue

- 7 -

Press Ctrl+o to save the file and then Ctrl+x to exit Pico.

- 8 -

Reboot Linux.


See the bit on the line you added that reads '-scr2'? Changing it to: '-scr1' will give you a picture of the friendly Linux penguin (Tux); '-scr2' = Evil Tux; and '-scr3 = Christmas Tux!

Getting at the Official Documentation

In a terminal window in X Windows, enter:

netscape /

Then select:

usr > doc > Welcome2L-3.01

By Laurence Hunter laurence@thebits.co.uk

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