Welkom 2 da DRuG Llama, Frog, M0rgzy & Sk0t!!!

[DRuG]NikT (15 Sep 2009 02:16 am)
In the order I received their member bios, I present to you DRuG's latest 4 recruits.. all long term friends on AGS's SAMP, they have also hung with the DRuG crew for quite some time in this space.

Llama, previously from [LE] has been a long time deathmatch player & general cruiser on AGS' SAMP server. From his early days he's also played on DRuG's GTA servers, while recently spending a lot of time on Teamspeak with myself and a few of the crew. It's a pleasure to finally have him aboard - welcome.

Frog can also be found with me on Teamspeak, offering his chill words and fun vibe to AGS' SAMP - he's a great member of the community & one I'm sure will get along well with the DRuG.. great to have you aboard.

M0rgzy has been developing clans & visiting our servers for about as long as DRuG's been around, and another key ingredient to the AGS samp & Teamspeak servers.. his clan, ]DR[, has also been around about as long, recently taking new shape and recruiting some incredibly talented people.. namely, Me & Mouldy [mrgreen] (yes, you heard it right, NikT is now a member of 3 clans - [DRuG] [AGS] and ]DR[... woohoo. Morgzy, much like Mouldy, are often the calm voice in the storm when NikT is raging.. honestly, some days, I don't know what I'd do without them both. Wicked to finally have you in DRuG Mr M0gz!

Sk0t, also part of the rocksteady crew on AGS Teamspeak, has to be playing GTA just about any time you look.. his skills extend to IRC scripting, fiddling with GTA servers and even a healthy dose of deathmatching on AGS SAMP - I look forward to watching his progress through GTASA to GTAIV - I expect we have ourselves a talented one, here.. Sk0t - I'm honored & glad you chose to join us - enjoy.

In summary, I'd love to say this intake I have a really good feeling about - these guys are gonna fit in & do really well - but hey - I've felt that way about most of you guys - and been right.. we're so lucky to have such an awesome crew - I love you guyys.

Welkom 2 da DRuG

Llama, Frog, M0rgzy & Sk0t!!!

smile smile smile smile smile

In other news, DRuG now have a dedicated Teamspeak & GTA server (samp 0.2x, 0.3beta & MTADM 1.0) - running out of a fast data centre in Queensland, thanks to the very generous [DRuG]Elite, who also offers very well priced hosting (some packages with me maintaining the servers and offering linux support) for anyone interested, look him up @


Thanks [DRuG]Elite!!

AGS have just moved their forums to a new host, with my assistance, moving the databases for them & now helping run their new dedicated linux server, running out of a datacentre in Melbourne, this, together with DRuG's server, represents a massive increase in the resources hosted locally by the community. This works well with our current projects involving developing a global statistics network for our GTA server scripts, which will result in the emergence of some pretty detailed ladders and other competition within what we hope will become a more global GTA community. If your clan has servers and would like to be involved in this project, post me a private message on the DRuG forums or add me to msn - nnnikt@gmail.com.

Pay particular note to the fact AGS have now dropped the "-" from their address, which is now http://www.aussiegameserver.com.

CJA forums and SAMP server forms another large part of the Australian GTA community, where DRuG members including [DRuG]Silky, [DRuG]EvilGnomes and [DRuG]Slick can be found, they've also received my attentions recently - I've just installed RSS, Reputation, AutoMod and HTML newsletter mods onto their phpBB forums.. it's great to finally contribute to such an awesome bunch of people - the CJA crew have been a pleasure to work with.

Exciting times!! DRuG it up ppls!!!

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