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[DRuG]NikT (03 May 2013 05:54 pm)
So as you can probably tell from the dates of our news posts, we don't really update our root website much... But we are still very active... both on the web and in the gaming scene.

Web interaction with the DRuG crew is best obtained at http://forums.drugcrew.com.

In game? Well these days DRuG are active all over the place - we have members playing Diablo III, Minecraft, WoW (but not me.. oh god), MTA San Andreas (on Mr Greens, SiK, ALW and other purist racing servers), SA-MP (the final deathmatch servers found globally are ours) and many others.

In the mod development scene, we are most visible - many of DRuG's core members are involved in a project called Just Cause 2 Multiplayer - [DRuG]Trix, one of our coleaders, is the founder of this project. They and many other members of the crew can be found on IRC in the server irc.jc-mp.com, channel jc2-mp. JC-MP has been getting as many as 2000 people in game during the open beta weekends they've held recently. With race, derby & deathmatch modes via lua scripting already introduced, it is shaping up to be the next big thing.

This site really just serves as a central placeholder for DRuG's other web based resources - we strongly recommend you visit our forums and have a chat with the crew - let us know what you've been playing and "where the fun is".

Thanks for dropping by and Welkom 2 da DRuG smile

Happy Birthday Me & DRuG's 9th Anniversary

[DRuG]NikT (03 Nov 2010 03:38 pm)
This year with DRuG has seen many changes to the GTA online gaming landscape. We now have a co-branded MTA server in the USA with AGS, also providing dedicated resource serving to the DRuG MTA.

Focus has remained on GTA San Andreas' multiplayer frameworks, MTA and SAMP. The crew have been experimenting with GTAIV Multiplayer, but at this stage things are still pretty beta in that department. Many other games have also had their times, but as with other years, it seems we all still gravitate back to the GTA multiplayer variants.. they offer so much potential.

With the full support of http resource synch now a reality, DRuG have introduced over 300 new maps with custom models and vehicles. Transfer speeds are now that of our web servers meaning most resources are already downloaded by the time the races start. Given the GTA series of games have so many mods and vehicles out there to install, this has spelt major changes to the universe of GTA online gameplay.

Through the help of [DRuG]Full_Metal, we've also assembled over 500 classic race maps on our MTA servers, bringing the total map count to over 1500.

My skillz in php and sql have evolved this year, where I've worked a bit on extracting a race ladder with lots of statistics from mta's live database. The result, when combined with data registered there by -]alw[-AcidbRain's lua statistics resources, has been a live ladder page now available for all DRuG hosted servers (DRuG, AGS). I have uploaded the resource to community.mtasa.com - you can see a preview of it there.

Killfrenzy, Mouldy and sk0t have continued to expand and develop the AGS community and servers, now hosting Final Deathmatch SAMP servers in UK, USA and Australia.. many clans - both racing and deathmatch, call these servers home, with dm and race mini-modes supporting statistics in game and on the web, the Final Deathmatch network has really proven to keep SAMP interesting. Thanks for all your hard work Killfrenzy, Mouldy, sk0t and all the brilliant mappers, admins and coders responsible for keeping the community fun.

We have spent time this year interacting, racing and working more with our allies in other clans including MgC, SKC, -]alw[-, ]DR[, SiK and many others... it's great to see the online clanning community evolve into something less fleeting than I've seen in the past.

This year has brought us new members Full_Metal, Ryant, Killer57, Rex, Jumpman, Comatose, JabbaTheSlut & Dingleman. As always, they have all proved great additions to the crew.. again, welcome aboard guys.

Our most recent addition, Dingleman, originates from AGS's samp server, but now spends a fair amount of time in MTA. His experience in making player models, maps and so on have already benefited us with a bunch of new custom model maps on our MTA.. complete with giant statues of both myself and Dingle.. mate, it's great having you aboard, and I look forward to developing some maps with you in the future.

AGS and DRuG now share servers for a lot of things and I've worked closely with them over the last twelve months developing all sorts of exciting stuff on their forums, including server management, setting up a radio stream and server statistics pages.. working together has given both AGS and DRuG a lot more resources to provide the great community we have today.

smile HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY DRuG!!! smile

Welcome JabbaTheSlut, New MTA & SAMP released

[DRuG]NikT (19 Aug 2010 04:36 pm)
With the recent release of MTA 1.0.4, support of external HTTP resource servers is now operational. This spells huge things for the MTA online scene.. SKC have responded with a server containing maps with external models, replacement vehicle models and other large resources, which now transfer super fast. ALW also have a new game mode on their MTA server, custom written to include a ladder with advanced stats - done in the true style of ALW, this mode is very addictive, as is working your way up their ladder. DRuG's server has been configured with a stack of new maps -- everything off community.mtasa.com - I've optimized those that include unusually large resources, such that we are able to have maps like the mariokart one, but without having to wait for 4mb of music that inevitably gets muted anyway.

As far as SAMP goes, the new SAMP server has presented a lot of opportunities which the crew have been working hard to get the most out of - be sure to visit www.aussiegameserver.com & the AU, US and UK samp servers - they're mostly run by the DRuG crew, assembled around [DRuG]Killfrenzy's FDM mode.

JabbaTheSlut has been racing in MTA for as long as I can remember.. he's highly regarded internationally as a fast racer and has been an admin on DRuG's MTA for quite some time. I'm pleased to announce that he accepted our invitation to join DRuG last night - something I've been trying to get happening for a while.

Welcome to da DRuG JabbaTheSlut!!!!

3 new members, MTA 1.0.4 out!

[DRuG]NikT (16 Jun 2010 12:42 am)
With the release of MTA 1.0.4, support for external resource hosting is finally working 100% - we've enabled it on both the AGS and DRuG MTADM Race 1.0.4 servers.

File transfers in game now fly in, with the resources being hosted from the AGS web server, thanks to [DRuG]Mouldy and the AGS crew - the 5Gb per day of bandwidth used on my home link should be reduced as a result. As an added bonus, the speed of transferring resources in game from this new server is a lot faster, and leaves the game server free to concentrate on player synch.. less players are timing out which has resulted in lots more people joining 24/7.

With the scene very active both in SAMP and MTA, I felt it a good time to sign 3 new members.. I've also started trying to consider assigning roles to people as they join when it seems suitable, as a way for us to get the most out of our people's skills - if you see youself as filling or suitable to a particular role and wish to create a new one, please message me on the forums.

Killer57, Ryant and Full_Metal all come to us from the AGS SAMP server.. with Full_Metal originating from SiK as an MTA racer, he's also now more often found in SAMP.

It's great to have them all aboard - welcome guys!

With Full_Metal's connections in the scene and his experience in both SAMP and MTA, I have assigned him the role of Race Coordinator - over the coming months he's going to be arranging DRuG's contribution to the current ideas floating about in the scene with regards to race championships. If you are interested in being involved, please give him all the help you can.

Welcome 2 da DRuG Ryant, Killer57 and Full_Metal!!!! smile

3 New DRuG Members! Mouldy Promoted!

[DRuG]NikT (18 Nov 2009 09:10 pm)
First up, any applicants still awaiting a response, be aware that I have signed some people up after over 6 months.. and they aren't always in order..

We have 3 new members!

Comatose, the original founder of AGS, has been a long time regular in AGS's samp server (for some strange reason) - often found on our Teamspeak, he's a great person to be around and really already one of the crew - great to make it finally official.

Rex is another oldskool AGS player that's been chilling with us all for so long now that it's kinda embarassing that I never invited him aboard.. for that I'm sorry, Rex, and glad you're finally one of the team.. it'd be awesome to see you in Teamspeak more often.

Jumpman is one of the technical leads over at CJA - Australia's other big GTA community. In the past it's him I've dealt with while working on CJA's resources - MTA & phpBB.. I look forward to working more with him in the future & know he's going to be a great asset to us all.

For any of you that aren't yet fully versed on DRuG's 8 year history of modding GTA, if I do say so myself, they've been epic times - and it's all documented - all the way back to 2003 on http://drugcrew.com - as new members, I strongly recommend reading them all - it's the best way to see what we've done, learn about the skills of our members & find out where you fit in & can contriubute... not that there's any rule that you have to - many members have other roles/contributions they bring to the scene, and we certainly respect that.

In other news, a few weeks ago Mouldy was promoted to DRuG co-leader. With no power trippers in the DRuG crew, our main motivation when keeping an eye out for new co-leaders is to team up with people that share my full understanding of what DRuG is "about", and mirror the vibe that we put out there as DRuG's "personality"... do this successfully, and we manage to perpetuate DRuG's culture over time, remove any risk of our "personality" fading and ensure that the crew is represented well by their leaders. Mouldy, as many of you know, well, he's the definition of what I've described above - he's pretty much been doing the role for over two years, without any expectation of the title... Welcome buddy wink

Happy 8th Birthday DRuG

[DRuG]NikT (03 Nov 2009 10:59 pm)
This past year has seen DRuG experiment with GTAIV - some interesting videos 1 2 were made by Capsinurass, pushing the physics engine to it's limits. Many DRuG members, including myself now own the game, I've even documented a mod which I intend to expand upon with a model replacement that introduces planes with true Rockstar made plane handling back to GTAIV - click here to read more about implementing plane handling in GTAIV.

Breaking my previous personal policy to not join other clans, this year I have become a member of both Aussie Game Server and Deathrow.. both clans are run by DRuG members and as such, I felt it good I endorse their great contributions to the Australian GTA scene with my membership.

DRuG's elevated participation in the samp scene this year saw us forge friendships with the huge clan community it has provided. With the introduction of us compiling MTA's nightly builds and hosting associated servers for both DRuG and AGS, we have been at the centre of MTADM game hosting in Australia leading up to the long awaited release of MTADM 1.0. With it's release, DRuG's resources were called upon by SanZor to set up his servers in Finland, the CJA and AGS servers in Australia, with a great deal of help provided to many over MSN, it's been great to be seen by the scene as someone to call upon.

With regards to the forums of Australia's 2 forefront communities, AGS and CJA, DRuG has provided help this year upgrading and moving databases, installing forum mods and configuring linux and windows game, ftp, web and other assorted servers.. these contributions are an honour for DRuG to be a part of - it's great to contribute to such a diverse community.

The GTA San Andreas online gaming scene now has the choice of SA-MP & MTA DM 1.0 (for both race and deathmatch) - MTA Race 1.1.x seems to be empty these days, with gamepad support in 1.0, even racing is popular there now.

We have members representing on every front, including so many disciplines now, it would take me an hour just to sit here and list them, so I'm just going to skim over this area, but damn we've grown to become such a skilled bunch - thanks to all of you.

With most DRuG members still very active, many, it should be noted, are primarily on MSN - the crew is as tight as ever - you may have noticed I've been spending more time on Teamspeak @ http://www.aussiegameserver.com, it should be noted that DRuG exist on many private Teamspeak and game servers as well.. this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

DRuG and an assortment of other clans have made this a regular site they visit, and for that, on behalf of DRuG, I thank you all.

On the front of modding I've started dabbling in lua and released an advancement of the colorlights mod by eXo|Speedy to incorporate better thread management and allow setting of the vehicles colour. Dabombber has released his advanced SAMP server management script, ALAR. Killfrenzy's FDM SAMP game mode scripts have grown and grown, with his nightly tweaking of them on AGS's SAMP server - so popular is this script that an entire community has assembled itself around them. There's so many more things going on, it's really hard to summarize - suffice to say, DRuG is still out there, doing what it does best - making GTA awesome.


MTADM 1.0 resource release: Colour by [DRuG]NikT

[DRuG]NikT (25 Sep 2009 04:43 am)
Based on Colorlights by eXo|SpeedY

Released with full permission from SpeedY - thanks mate!



Colour by [DRuG]NikT


/colour 0-255 0-255 0-255 0-126 0-126 0-126 0-126

eg. For aqua headlights and a black car..
/colour 0 142 102 0 0 0 0

- the first 3 are the light's RGB, then the 4 GTA car colours
- only the first two are used by most cars
- blank fields become a random colour

/colour - Toggle random light and car colours
/drug - Purple Lights (102, 51, 255) black/pink/white/purple car
/disco - Lights randomly change colour on black/white car
/discocar - Lights and car colour change rapidly like KWOW.


With full permission from Speedy, I have taken his colorlights v2.5 mod and added lots more code.

This new mod from it, called "colour", manages the "Timer" threads better - cleans them up as the player leaves.

The only time errors now appear in the console is when switching between race rounds and when a player is dead awaiting respawn.. I am sure there's some kind of check I will eventually find to remove these errors, too.. but at this stage, it's still cleaner than it was.

It works between rounds, re-checking the player vehicle and re-applying the lights after map changes. All toggles work on each other, so /drug can disable /colour etc.

I have added support for daytime lights, using the lightsoverride function, also added randomizing car colours, like the lights, using /discocar.



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