About Us

Early Life

[DRuG] was formed on the 2nd of November, 2003.

Originating from an online game of GTA:Vice City, NikT and SpngBb (later Raider) met for a game of destruction derby. It was there that the idea for a derby clan was devised, and hence [DRuG] was born.

Names for the new clan were thrown up in the air, including DC (Derby Clan), then DRU (Derbies R Us). A sharp comment from Misterquicks, who exclaimed that the new clan be called DRUG (Derbies R Us Guys), which was met to unanimous support. It was then agreed to modify this suggestion to our permanent name, [DRuG].

The derbies never really eventuated, although a few in the first month or so did occur. [DRuG] members, through the guidance of NikT, moved onto a new platform, modifying Vice City.

The Scene

The first major project for the crew involved the DRuGDome. Aptly named, it was built as the virtual living space of the group. The brainchild of NikT, it consisted of a huge halfpipe, ramps, and even a derby pit. The project got many of the group started on modification projects for GTA:Vice City.

[DRuG] went on to release other popular downloads such as the BigMoney trainer, MTA Teleporter and SA Car Spawner and Teleporter, among other releases.

With the release of GTA:San Andreas, the group has continued with the modding trend, releasing many more quality modifications. Including numerous car, plane and boat imports and upgrades.

Check out the Downloads section for our releases.

The Group

[DRuG] now have many talented members, whose disciplines range from various coding languages, 3d modelling (characters, vehicles and map objects), linux server nerds, web gurus and even DJs (don't forget that GTA has radio stations).

More recently the [DRuG] community (which it now is) has been more open to modifying other video games aswell. The crew has expanded to games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and Trackmania.

[DRuG], simply put, are a great group of people doing what they like best.

To discover how you can join in, check out the Contact Us page.