MTADM 1.0 Nightly Build server installed

[DRuG]NikT (08 Aug 2009 03:17 pm)
With MTADM 1.0 approaching the final for 1.0 release, [DRuG]Killfrenzy has been working a lot on his FDM server mode specially designed for it. Since it, too, is approaching release, DRuG found a need for a server to test, while AGS, through [DRuG](/[AGS])Mouldy, have sponsored a new dedicated Australian server to host the new MTADM nightly builds and [DRuG]Killfrenzy's mode.

To support this, I will be compiling the nightly builds as they are released, then updating both the AGS and DRuG servers accordingly.

To obtain the latest client and data files required to play, pop over to

In other news, [DRuG]Dabombber has just updated ALAR to 1.3.

  • Added: (amount) parameter to /arepair, requires player parameter to be entered
  • Added: /acarcolour command
  • Added: /aipupdate command
  • Added: /aspectating command
  • Added: Additonal RCON commands
  • Added: Chat history for joining players (/ahistory)
  • Added: Enabled going to a player from spec using the look behind key (requires agoto privlages)
  • Added: OnAlarInit() and OnAlarExit() callbacks, and GetAlarVersion() function
  • Added: Option to check for invalid vehicle mods (CHECKMODS compile setting)
  • Added: Option to enable extra spectate views (ExtraSpecViews INI setting)
  • Added: Players in the server who are immune to the ping kicker can be viewed with the /aimmune command
  • Added: Spectate HUD setting is saved
  • Added: SuspendPlayer() and BanPlayer() functions
  • Added: Whitelist from range bans (/awhitelist /aunwhitelist)
  • Changed: /asetname and /aloginas so banned or suspended names cannot be used
  • Changed: How admins spawn from spec (added SetSpawnType() function) and how jailed players spawn
  • Changed: Locahost and LAN IP address no longer show as Unknown
  • Changed: Players with the same IP as a player banned or suspended with /aban or /asuspend are kicked from the server (KickAllIPs INI setting)
  • Changed: Ranges bans/suspensions can have a different message (RangeBanMsg/RangeSuspensionMsg INI settings)
  • Changed: Spectating admins will view the closest player in their virtual world if their current player dies (with no killer) or leaves
  • Changed: The ping kicker can now be disabled by setting the max ping to 0 or less
  • Fixed: Added password length check to RCON account creation
  • Fixed: Join textdraws not appearing for joining players
  • Fixed: Restricted spawning where you look in free spec to only admins who can right click teleport
  • Fixed: Set virtual world and interior of passengers when using /agoto and /abring

Click here to download now.

Woo new ALAR!! Enjoy the approach to MTADM 1.0 final folks!

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