Happy Birthday Me & DRuG's 9th Anniversary

[DRuG]NikT (03 Nov 2010 03:38 pm)
This year with DRuG has seen many changes to the GTA online gaming landscape. We now have a co-branded MTA server in the USA with AGS, also providing dedicated resource serving to the DRuG MTA.

Focus has remained on GTA San Andreas' multiplayer frameworks, MTA and SAMP. The crew have been experimenting with GTAIV Multiplayer, but at this stage things are still pretty beta in that department. Many other games have also had their times, but as with other years, it seems we all still gravitate back to the GTA multiplayer variants.. they offer so much potential.

With the full support of http resource synch now a reality, DRuG have introduced over 300 new maps with custom models and vehicles. Transfer speeds are now that of our web servers meaning most resources are already downloaded by the time the races start. Given the GTA series of games have so many mods and vehicles out there to install, this has spelt major changes to the universe of GTA online gameplay.

Through the help of [DRuG]Full_Metal, we've also assembled over 500 classic race maps on our MTA servers, bringing the total map count to over 1500.

My skillz in php and sql have evolved this year, where I've worked a bit on extracting a race ladder with lots of statistics from mta's live database. The result, when combined with data registered there by -]alw[-AcidbRain's lua statistics resources, has been a live ladder page now available for all DRuG hosted servers (DRuG, AGS). I have uploaded the resource to community.mtasa.com - you can see a preview of it there.

Killfrenzy, Mouldy and sk0t have continued to expand and develop the AGS community and servers, now hosting Final Deathmatch SAMP servers in UK, USA and Australia.. many clans - both racing and deathmatch, call these servers home, with dm and race mini-modes supporting statistics in game and on the web, the Final Deathmatch network has really proven to keep SAMP interesting. Thanks for all your hard work Killfrenzy, Mouldy, sk0t and all the brilliant mappers, admins and coders responsible for keeping the community fun.

We have spent time this year interacting, racing and working more with our allies in other clans including MgC, SKC, -]alw[-, ]DR[, SiK and many others... it's great to see the online clanning community evolve into something less fleeting than I've seen in the past.

This year has brought us new members Full_Metal, Ryant, Killer57, Rex, Jumpman, Comatose, JabbaTheSlut & Dingleman. As always, they have all proved great additions to the crew.. again, welcome aboard guys.

Our most recent addition, Dingleman, originates from AGS's samp server, but now spends a fair amount of time in MTA. His experience in making player models, maps and so on have already benefited us with a bunch of new custom model maps on our MTA.. complete with giant statues of both myself and Dingle.. mate, it's great having you aboard, and I look forward to developing some maps with you in the future.

AGS and DRuG now share servers for a lot of things and I've worked closely with them over the last twelve months developing all sorts of exciting stuff on their forums, including server management, setting up a radio stream and server statistics pages.. working together has given both AGS and DRuG a lot more resources to provide the great community we have today.

smile HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY DRuG!!! smile

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[DRuG]NikT (25 Jan 2023 06:03 pm)

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