Happy 5th Birthday to DRuG & NikT

[DRuG]NikT (03 Nov 2008 01:32 am)
This past year has seen DRuG waiting out the gap to GTAIV - for a while there, we weren't even sure it was going to be released on PC. From the experience of the gap between Vice City and San Andreas, I can happily say that the clan scene evolved stronger this time around.

Alliances were formed between the newly emerged SiK MTA racing clan, out of the ashes of PHS - and I must say, they're a much more professional, fun crew to race with now than ever before.

The GTA San Andreas online gaming scene now has the choice of SA-MP & MTA DM for deathmatch and MTA Race 1.1.1 for racing with gamepad support. We have members representing on every front, including some that have contributed to the code in SA-MP. The shared view of most MTA racers has been not to use 1.1.2, but just to find servers on http://game-monitor.com - it's a stabler client in my view, too.

With most DRuG members still very active, but primarily on MSN, the crew is as tight as ever - those that have missed the shift of focus to forums rather than Teamspeak, I encourage you to check things out at http://forums.drugcrew.com - many members from DRuG and an assortment of other clans have made this a regular site they visit, and for that, on behalf of DRuG, I thank you all.

In an effort to bring the scene together a bit, by making people aware of the other communities out there, one of my main projects also came into being this year. Using all the latest web 2.0 trickery, the site allows you to view the posts on forums and news blogs for all the key sites in the scene. But what really gives it an edge is, it arranges them into a layout similar to an email client, allowing you to monitor all the latest posts and even reply using your own login. Check it out now at http://planet.drugcrew.com.

On the front of modding, [DRuG]Slick's San Andreas Performance Tool has continued to be updated, and proved to be a very popular item in our release list - thanks again for your fine work, [DRuG]Slick.

I am so proud to be at the helm of such a talented crew of gamers, it defies words - thanks again... this includes those of you that game, those of you that chat, those of you that mod, even those who aren't always active (this aint a job & we respect you having a life) - the whole crew - happy birthday peoples.


(It's also my birthday - yes - we were formed on my birthday) wink

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRuG AND NikT!! I have a feeling 2009 will be an even more productive and fun year cool
[DRuG]Slick (05 Nov 2008 08:02 pm)

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