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[DRuG]NikT (28 Jul 2007 02:42 pm)
OK, I have phpBB3 RC3 running and have set up a framework of areas similar to that found on gtaforums.com. Their arrangement seems to cover everything I can think of and is arranged in an intuitive manner.

Next on the agenda is drawing up some rules for the mod showrooms, to prevent people posting rip mods etc.

Speaking of mods, it would be great to have some of the crew helping with moderation of the different areas, helping to replicate some more of the finely organized thread rules etc @ gtaf.

At this stage the forums are accessible via the forums section, the left margin, or by using the following link:


Discussion of registering a domain name specific to the forums should be conducted on the forums.. see you there.

DRuG it up ppls!!!!! smile

yay forums.
Why has Widgit not signed on there yet then eh?

Also, in other news, Good Luck Zidane.
[DRuG]Grish (29 Jul 2007 12:58 pm)

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