SA-MP 0.2.1 released, server updated

[DRuG]NikT (25 Jun 2007 04:03 am)
You'll need the new client to play on the updated sa-mp server.. get it from the sa-mp home page by clicking here.

Grish has continued work on his mta->samp race packager.. the current race mode and functions are running on the DRuG server, but are still in heavy development.

Awesome work so far Grish! smile

Great! Can't wait for it's release! :D
Lággy (25 Jun 2007 07:16 pm)

In minor news, our cutenews database was bombed harder than ever today, blowing the flat file database out to 15Mb from it's original size of 1Mb. At the 15Mb point, it crapped itself rather severely, listing all news items with no comments.

I was able to reconstruct it in nano - the linux equivalent of notepad, by joining the top of the corrupt database to the bottom of the 3 month old backup I had. After some careful juggling of the news and comments versions, I was able to restore all items, while removing every single evil spam.

Man it's annoying. I really wish these losers would target viagra sites or dodgy porn spam... but oh yeah, that's right, they're the very losers that are spamming me in the first place. sad
[DRuG]NikT (25 Jun 2007 07:34 pm)

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