MTA script switched to PRS 1.3

[DRuG]NikT (22 May 2007 10:06 pm)
As many of you may know, I have been searching for a script that will maintain better statistics and a ladder for the mta server.

This evening I have installed [UVA]Scooby's Public Release Script 1.3 - it has more features than I care to attempt summarising here - suffice to say, it should make playing on the server more interesting. With the security of rcon logins for all the admins, I'm much happier with the approach to delegating roles for the crew - anyone who wants admin back, email me.

Stats from the old script are not ported to the new server - they are still intact, if we were to consider some sort of transfer. I'm more in the favour of starting afresh - there's been a few times when sync issues have wrecked records anyway.

Web based statistics are on the drawing board. Trix has been kind enough to offer his help getting some php happening to display the data from PRS on our site.. stay tuned for developments.

Commands made available by the new scripting system:

!name----------------------------shows current map name
!admin---------------------------shows online admins in server
!seen -----------------shows when selected player was last seen in server
!stat ------------------Shows Selected players stats (Total races - finishes - raceratio - 1st/2nd/3rd places Total DM Maps played - Won - DM ratio - Top times held - Total points)
!mapstat -------------Shows Selected Players stats for current map - Times played - (Times finished if race/won if dm) - (Personal best time if race/ Ratio if DM))
!racestat -------------Shows details on current race (mapname / times ran on server)
!commands / !help-------------shows help
!time / !date--------------------shows time & date
!votekick -------------to initiate a votekick on a player
!vote-----------------------------to add a vote
!votemap------------------------starts a vote on the next map to be played
!new-----------------------------adds 1 vote to an instant map change vote
!level -----------------shows selected players admin level
!mode---------------------------shows current map mode
!rank ------------------shows selected players rank
!ping ------------------shows selected players ping & average ping
!info-----------------------------shows script info
!points ---------------shows selected players points
!max----------------------------shows max ping allowed
!toptime------------------------shows who has the top time on current map
!toptimes-----------------------shows selected players top times held
!best ------------------shows selected players best ever time on current map
!players------------------------shows players racing / players left alive in a DM
!wb ------------------shows welcome back msg in chat to selected player
!random------------------------shows a randomly picked map, selected at beginning of race
!total---------------------------shows total amount of maps uploaded
!timer--------------------------Shows time left on an RS-DM map
!sc / !score -shows current score on an RS-DM map
!creator-------------------------shows map creator is details are saved
!claim----------------------------to clam back a trpohy lost due to removed times
!rate---------------------------shows current map rating / how much u have rated it
!rate <1-10>------------------to rate the current map
!upload-------------------------shows Upload URL if added
!check ---------------to list maps with *name* as wildcard
!warnings -----------shows how many warnings selected player has
!dmlimit-------------------------shows minimum amount need to play a dm map
!banned---------------shows if selected player is banned

[tops in server]
!top 1st----------------------shows top 3 players with most race wins in the server
!top 2nd----------------------shows top 3 players with most 2nd places in the server
!top 3rd----------------------shows top 3 players with most 3rd places in the server
!top races--------------------shows top 3 players with most Races ran, in the server
!top finishes-----------------shows top 3 players with most finishes in the server
!top raceratio----------------shows top 3 players with best Race Ratio in the server
!top dmratio-----------------shows top 3 players with best DM Ratio in the server
!top deathmatches----------shows top 3 players with most DM's played in the server
!top dmwins------------------shows top 3 players with most dmwins in the server
!top points-------------------shows top 3 players with most points in the server
!top level--------------------shows top 3 highest admins in server
!top lagger-------------------shows top 3 with highest pings
!top best---------------------shows top 3 best times within the server
!top score--------------------shows top 3 scores on RS-DM maps so u can see whos leading.
!top cash---------------------Shows Top 3 players with most cash in the server

[best ever tops]
!top3 1st---------------------shows top 3 players with most race wins ever
!top3 2nd --------------------shows top 3 players with most 2nd places ever
!top3 3rd --------------------shows top 3 players with most 3rd places ever
!top3 races ------------------shows top 3 players with most total races ever
!top3 finishes ---------------shows top 3 players with most race finishes ever
!top3 deathmatches---------shows top 3 players with most DM Starts ever
!top3 dmwins ----------------shows top 3 players with most DM wins ever
!top3 points -----------------shows top 3 players with most points ever
!top3 times-------------------shows top 3 best ever times on current map

[PGS commands if activated]
!bethelp----------------------shows help on buying
!buyhelp---------------------shows help on betting
!itemlist----------------------shows Fixed Item list
!bet ---to bet on a player
!buy -----------------to buy an item
!use---------------------------to use an item
!cost -----------------to check item price and availability
!fund--------------------------shows current lottery fund
!cashstat -----------shows selected players cashstats
!bets ---------------shows who the selected player is betting on
!cash / !money --shows selected players cash
!bidlevel -------------shows selected players bidlevel
!cointossflips coin - 50/50 chance, double ur bet, or lose
!pms / !pms on/off------------turns betting pms on/off
!cashcheck -------------shows selected players cash (exact name)
!banwords---------------------shows how many words are added to the banned words file
!fine ------------------fines selected player if player has said a banned word (cash awarded)
!unbet------------------------removes a bet (within time limit)
!spent------------------------shows total spent on server
!fix / !repair----------------help out a broken down racer and gain bonus points
!drop-------------------------drops current item
!own--------------------------shows !own msg if purchased
!items -----------------shows selected players items


!alias ----------------------Shows selected aliases
!alias2-----------------------Shows selceted aliases from first 2 ip parts Alias Any Name / Any IP
!pma--------------------------PM's selected aliases Any First 2 IP Parts
!pma2-------------------------PM's selected aliases from first 2 ip parts In Server Or Out.
!en---------------------------shows english only message in chat
!setmode ------Sets the Mode of the current map (level 5 only)
!setupload--------------------Used to add a custom URL shown to players to upload their maps
!setwarnlimit-----------------sets maximum warning limit allowed before being kicked with !warn
!Setdmlimit-------------------sets minimum amount allowed to play a DM map
!warn ------------------warns selected player
!unwarn ----------------removes warnings on selected player
!exportmaps-------------------saves removed maps to an INI, for visual use, so u can manually remove with ftp
!cancel-----------------------cancels a votekick
!lostmaps---------------------shows amount of maps
!addo-------------------------To add a custom admin message
!o----------------------------shows custom msg
!ip --------------------shows selected players IP
!getip------------------------Shows IP for Any Name
!redo-------------------------Restarts current map
!restartscript----------------restarts MTAMA and script
!addcreator / !ac-------------Add a map creators name
!remcreator-------------------remove a map creators name
!deletetime-------------------remove the top time
!kick ------------------kick selected player
!ban -------------------bans selected player
!banip *.*.*.*----------------bans selected IP
!unbanip *.*.*.*--------------unbans selected IP
!banname ---------------bans selected name
!unbanname -------------unbans selected name
!mute ------------------mutes selected player
!unmute ----------------unmutes selected player
!freeze ---------------freezes selected player
!unfreeze --------------unfreezes selected player
!qm --------------------QuickMute - Mutes selected player for a preset Time, Then Unmutes (time specified in dialog)
!qf --------------------QuickFreeze - Freezes selected player for a preset time, then Unfreezes (time specified in dialog)
!nextmap----------------------picks the next map to be raced
!map /!changemap -changes the current map to selected
!remmap-----------------------Temporarily Removes current map (does not delete it, Just stops it from being ran)
!restore----------------------Restores previously removed maps
!setping----------------------sets max ping
!addadmin ------add selected player as a script admin
!remadmin / !deladmin---------removes selected player from script admin
!unregister-------------------remove registration on player who purchased IPregister and their IP changed
!banword ---------------bans word
!unbanword -------------unbans word
!transfer --transfers cash from nick1 to nick2

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