NikT releasing another Boeing and Server News

[DRuG]NikT (25 Feb 2007 06:26 pm)
I have taken on the task of getting Picolini's Boeing B314 "Clipper" Seaplane into GTASA as a skimmer replacement. For more details, visit it's progress page at GTAforums, linked below.

just after getting it in game and doing a rough UV mapjust after getting glass back from the skimmerThanks to Picolini for the model
See progress @ GTAforums

The SAMP & MTA servers are up and running.. sadly, however, the MTA server seems to run well with a maximum of only 16 players. Guess that's all we get outta 100k with the current version. SAMP, on the other hand, seems to handle fine.

An IRC echo (supporting chat with SAMP players from outside the game), voting scripts and many modes have been added for the SAMP server by [DRuG]Trix. He is very busy developing SAMP, expect many more features as SAMP develops. The channel can be found on as #DRuG.

Our MTA server is currently running a tweaked version of Aeron's GUS 4.15 bot, supporting records, in game admin, remote admin and so on. There's absolutely stacks of maps on there, and a map upload facility:

If you have any modes you would like to see removed or added, please email me.

Thanks to Trix for his server trixery & help!

looks nice NikT
Grish (27 Feb 2007 08:37 pm)

oh hawt!
btw wats up with the mta server ;o? everytime i try to connect it times out?
ramrod (28 Feb 2007 08:32 pm)

oh btw lol! i noticed 1 of the links to trix's profile actually leads to EG's profile lol!
ramrod (28 Feb 2007 08:34 pm)

Thanks Ramrod, I'll fix that link up right away.. also, I'm afraid I am capped, won't have my full bandwidth back until my current billing period ends on March 2nd.

Apologies, folx, guess it comes with the territory... this is my first month back on broadband, after all.
[DRuG]NikT (28 Feb 2007 11:11 pm)

nah thts cool, we arent paying for it :P. i can wait :D
ramrod (01 Mar 2007 12:48 pm)

shok shok shok shok shok shok
[DRuG]NikT (03 Mar 2007 01:02 am)

Lággy (04 Mar 2007 05:49 pm)

No new screenshots - sorry to those that just like the preddy pictures, but all the work has been on animations tonight. I had a bitch of a time as usual with ailerons, can never get the animations right, but I seem to have sorted my method. I imported the cropduster, went into hirarchical view, removed the existing ailerons from the seaplane(beagle/skimmer bits) then deleted all of the cropduster except for the (now beagle parented) ailerons and this dummy I've never seen before in the rockstar planes - eg at400/beagle/skimmer - aileron_pos - turns out, using the ailerons and this pos thing, I can change the point at which the ailerons pivot.... so we now have the ones from Picolini's model attached in, pivoting perfectly!
I'd say this is a first for me except I knew I had done it on the hydra replacement I did with the Macross jet - just can't remember how I did it back then, only know it was hard, and the reason I had given up so many times on it before.... now I know why... stupid P.O.S pos dummy. angry
Elevators were easy as always, and now contain the ones from the original model.
Now I move on to the rudders, which will be quite a lot harder, considering we don't have any planes with two. I suspect I may need to give up on them altogether and just static attach them to the chasis, but I'm going to give it a go, fiddling with the names of the second one, duplicating dummies etc., BUT if anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate them.
[DRuG]NikT (09 Mar 2007 12:46 am)

i had no fucking idea what you just said! lol BUT it sounds good :D
ramrod (09 Mar 2007 06:59 pm)

wink I knew that comment was only gonna work for a few people out there... but it was more me blogging exactly what I had done, such that next time I go to do this, I can retrace my steps just by going back to this comment and reading that.

Thats right.. I tend to rely on my forum posts when I'm going over mods just to remember exactly how I did watever. tongue

I've also changed the size of the monkeys... they're about as small as it can go without them being hard to identify... they were throwing the uniformity of the line heights, and still do, but not as bad.

smile wink shok tongue cool sad angry banana smile wink shok tongue cool sad angry banana smile wink shok tongue cool sad angry banana

[DRuG]NikT (10 Mar 2007 09:31 am)

banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana angry angry angry angry angry angry angry angry angry sad sad sad sad sad sad cool cool cool cool cool cool tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue shok shok shok shok shok wink wink wink wink wink wink smile smile smile smile smile YAY monkies
ramrod (10 Mar 2007 08:34 pm)

angry Our Cutenews was bombed with some sort of worm based on googlebot that targets cutenews, posting comments with ads to viagra sites and other crap... total of over 900 odd comments now erased, but nothing lost, except an hour or so of my life. sad

The wanker, again bombed out cutenews shortly after I posted this comment, so he/she is likely reading and targetting this board...

I hope you realize the sum of your actions (and others like you) will be the pioneering of yet more techniques for the world to censor free information - all you serve to do is silence people that would otherwise have a free domain for speech... Spam, and the misuse of information systems just makes it easier for governments to excuse more lame censorship laws, while hosts like myself are tempted to pull anonymous commenting from their systems, thanks to retards like yourself. Thanks.
As a special thankyou, I've taken the time to email the webmaster of each domain you advertise, with full documentation of your actions. I'm sure they'll appreciate the savings on the hosting they have to shell out for, without your directories slowing them down.
[DRuG]NikT (30 Mar 2007 11:13 pm)

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