NikT is on ADSL2 FINALLY!!

[DRuG]NikT (31 Jan 2007 08:55 pm)
Yay - and with >100k upload confirmed.

We will now observe 1 days silence from me while I run the link through it's paces...

Leechin' like a mofo. cool

Lággy (31 Jan 2007 09:50 pm)

welcome back to civilisation.
Grish (31 Jan 2007 10:27 pm)

omg! hehe, make sure to tell us what that muppet porno is like ur leechin 8D!
ramrod (01 Feb 2007 08:56 am)

btw how much it costs *is movin to oz soon*. also banana do u have unlimited dloads/uploads :O
ramrod (01 Feb 2007 08:58 am)

$60 setup, then $60/month for 30Gb/month.

Australian internet is rarely unlimited, especially on high speed links. TPG are traditionally one of the cheapest for fast broadband. After 30Gb the speed drops to 12k/sec until the next month clocks over. Uploads are unlimited though, which makes for good serving.
[DRuG]NikT (01 Feb 2007 11:04 am)

damn thats a good plan! NZ internet is a bit betetr tho cos its unlimired and cheap hehe! btw if u need any help settign up vcmp , samp or mta servers(whichever ur hosting) im happy to help etc. if you need or want, i have some vcmp maps (great and exclusive) and 80 mtasa maps if u wanna have a look sumtime :). hehe, oh man, i cant wait oo;.but hrm anyways, ill prob cya later 8D
ramrod (01 Feb 2007 12:10 pm)

rawr rocking on.. bring on the Aussie servers.. then all those other dude's can complain about their ping.
Acey Spadey (01 Feb 2007 08:44 pm)

We expect a report on all the good porns you've downloaded tongue
Widgit (02 Feb 2007 05:52 pm)

Lággy (08 Feb 2007 05:15 pm)

yay ts is back!
Widgit (10 Feb 2007 10:34 pm)

Things are progressing forward as planned, with Teamspeak (and the status block in the navigation bar), FTP, SSH, LAMP and a bucket load of other linux updates and services all set up smoothly today.

I expect to have the MTA and SAMP servers up in the afternoon tomorrow, with scripts changing heavily over the following days, as we establish what works best.

It'd be great if anyone who has anything to contribute on this level drops into teamspeak tomorrow but I expect arranging the right scripts is going to take a few days as we experiment.. so don't get too attached to any stats you may be clocking up during this time.

DRuG it up ppls!
[DRuG]NikT (10 Feb 2007 10:51 pm)

kool, i have to get teamspeak then ;o!
need any help gamewise ill *try*. cya then then.
ramrod (11 Feb 2007 10:34 am)

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