NikT has "Gamer's Wrist" - taking a 9 day break

[DRuG]NikT (20 Aug 2006 12:07 pm)
Gamer's wrist (AKA Tendonitis) is a common affliction generated from overuse of gamepads and other input devices - NikT has developed a bad case from his Logitech RumblePad 2. I have been prescribed anti-inflammatories which don't seem to ease the pain much, so I guess I'm away from the gamepad, at least, for around 9 days.

This sad case of an excuse for a Myg0t impersonator has exploited our fully updated Cutenews userbase again, and also took down our teamspeak for a short while.. seriously dude, what have we done to upset you? All we're doin' here (as you can see from the restored backup of the newsbase you deleted like an unethical n00b) is giving out mods to make people's GTA games more fun. What benefit are you offering us all?

If this persists we may need to look at a new CMS solution.. if anyone has any recommendations, email me.


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