CZ3 OK & Lame PwnAge Attempt

[DRuG]NikT (28 Jul 2006 09:22 pm)
Good news tonight! I have just spoken to CZ3, and he's home safe!

We're all glad to hear it mate - welcome back!

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In not so happy news, our upgraded TS server on the Canberra backbone supplied by someone associated with PurePwnage has been, well, purely pwnd - our best wishes go to those who feel this slowed us down in some way - we were onto a new server with the DRuG web adjusted accordingly within 5 minutes. The person claims to be myg0t - I'm sure the real myg0t will be interested - if, indeed, it is myg0t - disappointed man - I assumed you'd be allied with our humble crew.

Shame some people see this as a way to thank those contributing to the net - sad they can't do the same. sad

Glad to hear you're okay CZ3!
In other news, Canberra = cold.
Widgit (28 Jul 2006 10:13 pm)

Raff, did you just restore the drug web? me or nikt didn't and are puzzled :p
Trix (19 Aug 2006 11:09 pm)

Yea... I'll txt him this arvo if you dont get an answer.
D4 (20 Aug 2006 09:30 am)

No, it was me that restored the most recent backup.

When our unethical n00b of a haxxor deleted the newsbase, I ran a restore. It gave errors, when in fact it had restored fine.

We ony lost 1 news item and a few comments, but they have been rewritten now with more accurate, detailed information.

Notice to our retard Myg0t impersonator - all you are succeeding in, at this stage, is pissing me off.

Keep it up and I'll find every machine you have touched and fucking nuke it, then I'll be finding your real IP and contacting your ISP angry
[DRuG]NikT (21 Aug 2006 04:37 pm)

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