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[DRuG]NikT (03 Nov 2005 10:37 pm)
Recently Ydrool, Elite & I bought Trackmania Sunrise, and like with the Wipeout series of "speed" games, I fell in love.

Not only is the game multiplayer, with a (gladly) unhackable ladder, but has very active modding and clan scenes, and the mods are synched in online play.

We are about to get into both ladder racing and modding for Trackmania in a big way - already 3 members have the game - my times are ok in races (~2400 on the ~30,000 slot ladder) but my focus is modding... Ydrool, another DRuG with the game, is the drift king... and achieves way better times in races than me - he's been placing with the top 100 when he races, but is yet to develop a ladder position that reflects this. Now on with my debut release for Trackmania Sunrise..

The Macross YF-19 jet
Converted from Bill Simon's lw3d object to a Trackmania Sunrise island car.

Manual install
TMUP is a web based automated installation protocol.. get the tmup mod installer from
TM United 2013 note:
You will need to create a symbolic link in Documents to "TmUnited"

The mod has also been released at Trackmania Carpark - if you wanna see good screenshots - that's the place 2 b.

Expect to see a lot more mods in future for the Trackmania series, it's how DRuG tend to enjoy the game - customising to our tastes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIK... you old fart.
D4 (03 Nov 2005 11:08 pm)

Well first note happy b'day Nik hope u had a sweet day, i really really advise people in and out of the clan to get this game asap as there is a marvelous community involved within track development/modding or pure racing like myself :P...
Ydrool (03 Nov 2005 11:09 pm)

Inearly escaped the birthday without any old gags, then I forgot u guys have my member bio... thanks for the views on Trackmania Drool... they don't know what they're missing!

I recommend trying the new Trackmania extreme demo at (2nd news item) to experience the 'bay' track in case u have only tried the sunrise demo, which only depicts the 'island' track.... it's a shame they didn't allow for user created tracks and cars in the demo, since mods are all synched in multiplayer usually, you kinda miss the best part in the demo.
[DRuG]NikT (11 Nov 2005 03:36 am)

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