NikT's Teamspeak and DRuG Special Forces mods

[DRuG]NikT (11 Mar 2005 06:45 am)
Well it's been a boring morning so I decided to get teamspeak up and running on my link again.. now links to my teamspeak server again, which I'll try to keep online 24/7.

Flat Out demolition derbies have become a regular thing with DRuG, but we're using a different client now. FlatOut ME is a modded edition of the game with better physics, camera angles and so on, and includes FlatOutNet for online internet play - the reason it's superior? If a server you join is mid game, keep retrying, it will add you when they return to the lobby after their current round. An update is also available for the client to v1.3 at FlatOutHQ (yes, it's in german, but you only want the download).

In Flight Simulator 2004 a few of us have been flying about in some aircraft we have developed liveries for - slowly building the air force..

Soon I will be adding the download areas for these games as promised, which includes making these liveries available and the various modding tools we are accumulating for FlatOut.

DRuG it up Peepz!

ohh yehhh, im xubey, and the white plane, kynox
Trix (11 Mar 2005 07:06 am)

I love Ice-Cream
vebome (11 Mar 2005 01:27 pm)

I'll try and include some ice cream in a future release then - apologies if your, uh, special interest group has lacked our creative input.
[DRuG]NikT (11 Mar 2005 05:25 pm)

nice modding dude the black plane middle top ownz good work...
ELiTE (11 Mar 2005 05:33 pm)

fukoff (12 Mar 2005 10:35 pm)

I'm back. On mta that is. Loving the flight simulator stuff. Keep rocking on guys.
Raven (13 Mar 2005 05:42 am)

fuckoff (13 Mar 2005 09:58 am)


Why not take a read of your own name, and do what it says, or is it too much for your brain capacity to do that?

Nice work guys! smile
Static (15 Mar 2005 03:26 am)

[HW]Anonymous (15 Mar 2005 01:04 pm)

i got teh flite sim... i will do teh fly...
SpngBb (18 Mar 2005 03:22 pm)

give me plz
adir (29 Apr 2005 12:06 pm)

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