MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC VC v3 Release (not gta3)

[DRuG]NikT (10 Feb 2005 08:08 pm)
Version 3 of BazW's NoCRC for MTA Client v0.5 offers further trainer detection removals and more disabled functions are re-enabled in vice.
The v3 client has unfortunately tested negatory on gta3, so stick with v2 for gta3.. it does the lot anyway. Go Baz he's our man, MTA can't stop us, no-one can! smile

Click here to download.

Also, welcome to [DRuG]Static, our newest member and good friend of [DRuG]Nonameo's - expect exciting releases from these two folks. cool

Welcome aboard and yay baz banana
[DRuG]Ydrool (10 Feb 2005 08:37 pm)

Aparently v3 doesnt work right with GTA3. If you wanna play GTA3 use v2.
[DRuG]BazW (11 Feb 2005 08:16 pm)

Thanks for the warning BazW.. though so far I haven't used it in gta3 with a trainer... it certainly worked with other mods, however.
[DRuG]NikT (12 Feb 2005 12:00 am)

muppetmaster (12 Feb 2005 03:22 am)

who i can use this file. it is a dll file. what i must do?
black guard (08 Apr 2005 10:40 pm)


why are u putting a trj horse in it?


stupid idiot

angry angry angry banana banana angry sad
cyrus (15 Apr 2005 03:20 am)

thank you for your help angry
black guard (15 Apr 2005 10:14 pm)

There is no trojan in it, as we have said to your "anti modding", spamming ass before in other forums Cyrus...
Black Guard.. there is a readme included and an exe file you must launch instead of the mta client.. I suggest you read the readme.
[DRuG]NikT (19 Apr 2005 09:48 am)

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