Infinite MTA 0.5 NOS, bios and DRuG icon

[DRuG]NikT (05 Feb 2005 05:46 am)
MTA 0.5 introduced NOS in the form of the RC Bandit... many discovered that any car can be substituted in SCM to achieve a NOS vehicle... now Nonameo releases this very handy mod to allow for unlimited NOS.

Click here to download for the unmodded client.

Click here to download for use with BazW's NOCRC.

Nice one Nonameo!!

Also, I am missing member bios for Noodlez, BazW and Truze - could u please each make one using the member bios section as a guide, and send me with a pic to UnderW has chosen to change names to his better known alter-ego, MrBrown - don't forget to send me a new pic too dude and again, welcome!

For the many DRuGs now developing applications, I have created an icon for you to use if you like..

Nice one buddy.... i'll be usin this next time im stuntn.
[DRuG]BazW (05 Feb 2005 09:31 pm)

unlimited nos that you can hold it all da time or just "super" charge speed ?

if it's super charge speed in 1 sec , i have memory address for this thing :P
[HW]Anonymous (06 Feb 2005 12:09 am)

Unlimited like my sex drive.
[DRuG]NikT (06 Feb 2005 02:20 am)

haha tongue
[HW]Anonymous (06 Feb 2005 01:26 pm)

LiX (09 Feb 2005 05:30 am)

nice one nonameo
muppetmaster (09 Feb 2005 06:18 am)

I think I mite make a DRuG icon bundle, that'll be fun before I reformat and install gtaIII/VC.
[DRuG]SpngBb (12 Feb 2005 01:02 am)

Sweeet... Go SpngBb, in da hoose.
[DRuG]NikT (13 Feb 2005 10:17 pm)

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