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[DRuG]NikT (28 May 2004 10:56 pm)
DRuG Merge with D-X: DRuG = Modz D-X = Warz
GTA:Australia (link defunct) Project launched
New Home (link defunct) For DRuG Forums?

Lots of news, and all pretty much landed tonight!

DRuG Merge with D-X:
Through the wisdom of YDrooL and da krew's movin & shakin', DRuG's modding horizons have been expanded greatly - with the joining of DRuG and D-X, members will still have to earn the right to carry either tag, but as one clan, mods can be released building the DRuG name, while players can still get their fighting done with the rokkinest clan out there - D-X - welkom to da klub guys - it's gonna be phun.

GTA:Australia (link defunct)
With the development of GTA:Liberty City, GTA:Berlin, GTA:London and GTA:New York (any others, please email me, the path for San Andreas and on is looking pretty clear - GTA seems to be the place where 3D multiuser worlds are really starting to evolve and without just gunz 4 phun. I'm stoked to announce that the DRuG/D-X merge has also triggered the launch of our work on the Australian arm of this projekt. More information can be found in our final news topic...

New Home (link defunct) For DRuG Forums?
In Ydrool's creation of the site for GTA:Australia (link defunct), we now have a full blown php system with forums etc. For this and YDrool's many other contributions to the MTA community, I have welcomed him as a DRuG co-leader. On a similar note, Trix has also been brought onboard the DRuG leaders - I welkom u both.

Much more news to cover later on DRuG's car mod pack which is in the final stages of permission from original authors, trainers that I'll keep a mystery at this stage, and several other projekts which will begin to be listed on the New Home (link defunct) For DRuG Forums.

-=The new replacement for DRuG's GangsOfGTA Forums (link defunct) - Where 2 stay tuned for updates!!=-

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