[DRuG]Server Online - Address Added To Left Panel

[DRuG]NikT (19 Jan 2004 02:05 pm)
I am test driving the MTA linux server on my cable link, since I have stacks of bandwidth to spare this month, and we have a war on with RIP, so it can be locked down at the time for that use.

If it turns out that only a small amount of my monthly allowance is used by it, it will remain up indefinitely. I assume long term this will allow me to gain experience running server side maps, should things progress in that direction.

The server has been added with a dynamically changing address field in the left panel, though I do not expect the IP to change often - if it does, I'll give it a name, and problem solved.

Thanks to the fine work of SpngBb and Trix, we also have scripted 'bots running on the server, which will count the scores of each team realtime during wars, quoting live tallies of who's winning. The scripts also allow for special game modes to be invoked, like manhunt, and were obtained from the main MTA site & modified to suit da DRuG - thanks guys!

So let us know what you think and use this new thread on the forums (link defunct) for any DRuG server ideas you may have.

DRuG it up ppls!

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