NikT's internet patchy for November, then ADSL2!!

[DRuG]NikT (08 Nov 2006 05:30 pm)
That which we all fear has just happened to NikT.

Two fellow share-house members decided to mess with the phone account names/ownership with no warning, so the ADSL connection has been dropped. I have called my ISP, they will have the account reconnected in 3-5 working days... so mid next week, just as I am about to move house, the internet will be back on.

Now the good news - my new house is in an area with a DSLAM, so I will have ADSL2+ by the end of November - expect 2 fast .au mta/sa-mp servers very soon wink

I will still have MSN logged in through the day from work, so I can be contacted in the short term using via MSN.

Welcome SS202 and NikT No. 1 on GamersEdge

[DRuG]NikT (20 Sep 2006 11:35 am)
Welcome 2 da DRuG goes out to SS202, Widgit's main man. SS202 is a fast climbing player on the very competitive GamersEdge MTA race ladder. After only playing for a few weeks, he is already winning races - great to have you in the crew mate and look forward to racing with you soon.

As I have been updating the news item below, most of you have probably observed my obsessive and persistent movement up the ladder. I finally reached number one on Monday, and have secured the top place now by over 1000 points. Keeping in mind the average race on a populated server earns about 10 points, nobody should be catching me any time soon.

I am still looking for the assistance of a modeller interested in helping on the Chilliad Express mod for San Andreas. The project still needs a base station and cable car modelled.. textures and conversion not necessary, even someone experienced in sketchup would be sufficient. If you're interested, please email

Welcome AceySpadey, Smokie & GamersEdge #1

[DRuG]NikT (11 Sep 2006 01:12 am)
First up, welcome to our newest members, AceySpadey and Smokie. Acey is a friend of Widgit's and also an associate of mine - we both race regularly on GamersEdge - I have set up a DNS for their MTA server - port 22003. If you have mta:// associated with mta, click the link above to join their server and play now. Smokie has been quite a regular visitor to our teamspeak server of late - it's great to have him finally aboard as one of the crew.

The reason I've been racing in GamersEdge, apart from the high standard of racers, is the fact they have a web based ladder. Currently I am positioned 1st, but this will change a lot over time, the ladder is very competitive, so I've included a screenshot of my progress below. Hope to see you there!

Welkom 2 da DRuG Acey & Smoke
GamersEdge MTA server statistics & ladder

NikT back to racing in MTA and Tycooning in SA-MP

[DRuG]NikT (31 Aug 2006 01:45 pm)
Well after the predicted 9 day rest, my gamepad-destroyed wrist is back to normal... the pain subsided.

For those interested in joining me online in GTA, I will be on almost every night after 6.30pm (AEST) over the coming three weeks. With Zen going on a world trip through Spain and England, my time won't be divided for this period. Long term, we expect to move in together in November, so by then my online presence should return to the regularity of old.

MTA players can expect to find me mostly in's server, which has a web-based ranking system at - it serves as a great record for my progress in races, and that of the many other regular racers on the server (you even get assigned a ladder position and racer class as you earn more points, which is announced as you join the game each time).

SA-MP players can expect to find a lot of the DRuG crew active most nights on Australia's PureEvil or PTGN SA-MP servers... a few of the crew are even admins there, so if you get any tools (or people using them), just mention it to one of the crew.

Stay tuned for some new DRuG maps and modes that are nearing release.

NikT has "Gamer's Wrist" - taking a 9 day break

[DRuG]NikT (20 Aug 2006 12:07 pm)
Gamer's wrist (AKA Tendonitis) is a common affliction generated from overuse of gamepads and other input devices - NikT has developed a bad case from his Logitech RumblePad 2. I have been prescribed anti-inflammatories which don't seem to ease the pain much, so I guess I'm away from the gamepad, at least, for around 9 days.

This sad case of an excuse for a Myg0t impersonator has exploited our fully updated Cutenews userbase again, and also took down our teamspeak for a short while.. seriously dude, what have we done to upset you? All we're doin' here (as you can see from the restored backup of the newsbase you deleted like an unethical n00b) is giving out mods to make people's GTA games more fun. What benefit are you offering us all?

If this persists we may need to look at a new CMS solution.. if anyone has any recommendations, email me.


CZ3 OK & Lame PwnAge Attempt

[DRuG]NikT (28 Jul 2006 09:22 pm)
Good news tonight! I have just spoken to CZ3, and he's home safe!

We're all glad to hear it mate - welcome back!

cool smile cool smile cool smile cool smile cool smile

In not so happy news, our upgraded TS server on the Canberra backbone supplied by someone associated with PurePwnage has been, well, purely pwnd - our best wishes go to those who feel this slowed us down in some way - we were onto a new server with the DRuG web adjusted accordingly within 5 minutes. The person claims to be myg0t - I'm sure the real myg0t will be interested - if, indeed, it is myg0t - disappointed man - I assumed you'd be allied with our humble crew.

Shame some people see this as a way to thank those contributing to the net - sad they can't do the same. sad

Best wishes to [DRuG]CZ3

[DRuG]NikT (18 Jul 2006 05:30 pm)
Haifa, [DRuG]CZ3's home town, was bombed. CZ3 is currently offline since the bombings... our best wishes are with him, as are our hopes that he made it to the north, as planned.

Best wishes CZ3, we hope things work out ok for you.

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