NikT releasing another Boeing and Server News

[DRuG]NikT (25 Feb 2007 06:26 pm)
I have taken on the task of getting Picolini's Boeing B314 "Clipper" Seaplane into GTASA as a skimmer replacement. For more details, visit it's progress page at GTAforums, linked below.

just after getting it in game and doing a rough UV mapjust after getting glass back from the skimmerThanks to Picolini for the model
See progress @ GTAforums

The SAMP & MTA servers are up and running.. sadly, however, the MTA server seems to run well with a maximum of only 16 players. Guess that's all we get outta 100k with the current version. SAMP, on the other hand, seems to handle fine.

An IRC echo (supporting chat with SAMP players from outside the game), voting scripts and many modes have been added for the SAMP server by [DRuG]Trix. He is very busy developing SAMP, expect many more features as SAMP develops. The channel can be found on as #DRuG.

Our MTA server is currently running a tweaked version of Aeron's GUS 4.15 bot, supporting records, in game admin, remote admin and so on. There's absolutely stacks of maps on there, and a map upload facility:

If you have any modes you would like to see removed or added, please email me.

Thanks to Trix for his server trixery & help!

DRuG Australian SA-MP and MTA servers online

[DRuG]NikT (11 Feb 2007 06:06 pm)
Well, they're both online... default ports at either of the following URLs:

[DRuG] Australian SA-MP Server or

[DRuG] Australian MTA Server or

At this stage, good scripts and web stats are yet to be configured - this is expected to be complete within a week or two.

An IRC echo channel, where game chat can be viewed will also be restored as it was with our previous servers - expect many groundbreaking game modes and server tricks to keep things interesting.

These servers are to be 24/7 from now on, but it may take some time to balance the bandwidth requirements - we'll see how things go, but I have >100k upload, so we should manage.

We still need good modes, scripts, remote management tools and other enhancements -- if you have anything to contribute or suggest, please email me.

NikT is on ADSL2 FINALLY!!

[DRuG]NikT (31 Jan 2007 08:55 pm)
Yay - and with >100k upload confirmed.

We will now observe 1 days silence from me while I run the link through it's paces...

Leechin' like a mofo. cool

NikT will have ADSL2 in 3-5 days

[DRuG]NikT (25 Jan 2007 07:19 pm)
That email I have been waiting so eagerly for has finally arrived.

My ADSL2 account should be up and running in 3-5 days.

I must say I am amazed - after having the date pushed forward, plus hearing so many bad reports of ongoing sagas similar to mine, I assumed they would just push the date forward again. Seems not! So I should have some game servers up shortly folks... thanks for staying tuned.

GamersEdge MTA now permanently in Dallas

[DRuG]NikT (08 Jan 2007 05:01 pm)
Thanks to the ALW crew, the GamersEdge MTA server is back in action, now hosted from a datacentre in Texas, so you know it's gonna be BIG. It also has a new name - but the website to match hasn't yet fully propogated... - update: this link is now working for me.

Ladder positions and other statistics have all been reset, so I have lost my top 5 position - it's a fresh start to the year for us all.

The new alw/edge forums are available by clicking here. They, too, have been reset, so if you were looking to follow them, now would be a good time to catch up. The address above, and others mentioned here are in the middle of a move, so refresh regularly for the latest updates, I'll be revising this news item to follow the changes as closely as possible.

Great work ALW, with special thanks to Welder & Mif - this is who we can thank for such a smooth server change-over.

Congratulations and thanks also go out to [DRuG]EvilGnomes, our second DRuG administrator on the GamersEdge server. In my absence, Edge has been in need of a backup admin for the evenings. Gnomes was chosen as he is already a regular on the server, with finishing positions usually in the top 5. Nice work Gnomes on those times - it's great having quality DRuGs out there advancing our rep.

New FearedGamers (GamersEdge) MTA SA server details are as follows: Formerly GAMERSEDGE.ORG Primary Target
Capacity: 32 Players

GamersEdge MTA closes Jan 1st '07

[DRuG]NikT (21 Dec 2006 01:02 pm)
It is with great regret I inform you of the closure of ALW's MTA home at GamersEdge - Many plans are afoot for a new, alternate home in the United States, while DRuG's Australian servers for MTA & SA-MP are expected online by the end of January.

Further information on GamersEdge closure can be found at GamersEdge Forums.

Further information on plans to move the server & other GamersEdge resources can be found by clicking here.

If you can assist ALW/GamersEdge with hosting in any way, please email Welder or NikT.

Welcome Scarface & NikT's ADSL2 progress

[DRuG]NikT (06 Dec 2006 02:11 pm)
Welkom 2 da DRuG goes out to Scarface - albeit a bit belated - I added him about 2 weeks ago.

Scarface runs the Pure Evil SA-MP server, and is the author of their brilliant server scripts that make gameplay there so unique. It should be no surprise then that he is also a developer for vc-mp, bringing DRuG our second MP client dev - proud to have you aboard, mate.

Scarface is a regular on - he can usually be found in #oz-mp with the rest of the guys. He has associated with DRuG for quite some time now, so is really already part of our big happy family, but it's great to have him home.

In other news, it won't be long now until I am on ADSL2, with a linux GTA server running for both SA-MP and MTA. Both will be set up with advanced scripting - DRuG have many qualified and ingenoius scripters, so expect many groundbreaking developments on these new servers.

DRuG web has been clocking up stats of around 8000 hits per day this month - triple the usual - so I gather a lot of you are looking forward to our servers. I assure you we won't let you down. TPG assure me mid December (EDIT: They have now pushed the upgrade date forward to January - u can imagine how thrilled I am), but I expect this is the time the upgrade of the DSLAM will complete, so perhaps add 5 days to that for my connection to go live (so perhaps with the revised date, expect early Feb).

DRuG it up peoples!!!!

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