DRuGDome 1.21, Relocation of Jumps n Loops

[DRuG]NikT (07 Feb 2004 03:21 am)
I know, I know "Why'd ya have to put em in da road?!?!" - it was me being overexcited at getting the models into game. They are now moved off the road to [R]park - much more sensible and fun if you've got a fast car.

DRuGDome 1.21 in the downloads section is all ya need.

If you installed 1.2, all you need do is rereplace the maps folder from the upgrade zip.

-=Drugs fonizzle ur brizzles into shizzles=- --- [DRuG]4x4

Dome 1.2 Update Adds Odie's Stunt Jumps & Loops

[DRuG]NikT (06 Feb 2004 03:26 am)
After trying CZ3's Stunt Mod 2.0 (not linked on purpose - see old DRuG web under links if you must), I was inspried to find some decent jumps and ramps to do tricks on, since a quick look at the old web gallery will show you why I hate marina jumps - you impale your vehicle on them if you're going very fast.

DRuGDome 1.2 includes some ace new jumps that I will begin to overlap marina jumps with across the map. I'm considering having a script to change their location according to if you want stunt or DM mode (more to come on this).

DRuG It Up People!

Gallery, link pages & Server Updates

[DRuG]NikT (31 Jan 2004 03:37 am)
Well, I've been up all night tweaking our web & fixed the bits that have bugged me until now.

The gallery grew into way too many images, making loading it difficult and messing up the margin lineup.

Clicking refresh on the gallery will introduce the new page transporter to the top and bottom of each screen of shots.

Also newly added are stacks of useful mods & related sites to the links section.

The Stunt server appears to be running really well until we get to 4 players, then things start to go curly.

I have set the player limit to 5 for some testing on the bleeding edge, while I await responses to my post on the MTA forums: REQUEST: 0.3 Server Prevention Tipz 4 random dumps of every1

If you have any feedback, don't forget our thread in the GangsOfGTA forums (link defunct).

DRuG MTA Server - Set To 6 Player Stunt Mode

[DRuG]NikT (29 Jan 2004 03:46 am)
Given the lack of local stunt servers, I felt it would be a good idea to test stunt mode for a while, see if we can get more ppl derbying rather than trying to turn Vice into Quake 8P - let me know what you think in the forums (link defunct).

DRuG MTA Server - User Limit Set To 6 Players

[DRuG]NikT (28 Jan 2004 12:48 pm)
Thanks to the fine advice (link defunct) of one of our newer members, YTRY4, we should now have a stable DRuG server with pings averaging 100-150 and no dropouts - let me know how you go in the forums (link defunct).

[RiP] Alliance with [DRuG] Ends

[DRuG]NikT (27 Jan 2004 12:55 pm)
While happily playing NFSU today, I was interrupted by [RiP]'s leader, Chev59.

As I often offer him help on MSN, I stopped my game and answered his protests about my previous news post.

The Claim of victory was once again requested by me, and protested by Chev with no proof and further acknowledgement of his member cheating. For those interested, logs of the conversation can be found here.

For those used to DRuG being a "nice" clan, my apologies, I'm not enjoying this, nor posting it for that reason, however, I feel we need to stand up for what we know is fair, and it is for this reason that I try to keep you informed.

RIP cheating in war & [RIP] server pwnd

[DRuG]NikT (23 Jan 2004 01:10 pm)
K - So first topic speaks for itself, you can read further gory details on the forums (link defunct), but more interesing is news of RIPs new server.

Some amusement was had in repayment for the ethics demonstrated in war today. Interesting records of the madness can be found here and here.


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