DRuGDome 1.33 Update/Fix Release

[DRuG]NikT (22 Aug 2004 09:19 pm)
Having now played with Dome 1.3 for a while, it's become apparent that the RC planes were crashing the game when they hit the water. This version resolves the issue by making the planes fly right through it, and also makes them invincible.

The new package is now zipped for easier downloading, and should be placed in VCMM's mods subfolder prior to installation with Vice City Mod Manager.

DRuGDome 1.3Dome Jumps

DRuG DOME 1.33 includes:
DRuGDome 1.33 & [R]Bar (The Greasey Chopper reskinned)
Odie's Beach Park with repositioned halfpipes
WeirdFish's Loop n Flip, Skate Park & Jump Pack parts
CuddaWorld 3.4 (c) 2003 by Cudda Kine
CZ3's All-in-one MTA 0.4.1 SCM
BazW's NO-CRC client
Updated handling and defaults.ide entries for the RCBARON.
Everything else (c) 2003-4 [DRuG]
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as"
**Errors on install are normal! - Just a warning a folder already exists.**

After install, copy MTAmtaclient.exe & paste over yours.
Also ensure you have a limit adjusted Vice exe file.

Thanks again for the fine work to all of the above people for this release!

DRuGDome 1.3 Release

[DRuG]NikT (11 Aug 2004 09:33 pm)
With the release of CZ3's new SCM mod and my new addiction to flying, everything has come together with dome for it's final version 1 release, at this stage only in VCM format - It can be installed with one simple click using Lithjoe's tried-and-tested Vice City Mod Manager.

Download removed to avoid confusion following 1.33 release


[DRuG]NikT (01 Aug 2004 09:40 pm)
While reading the GTA|FX forums(defunct link), I discovered a new thread (defunct link) had been created with an improved CRC and trainer check bypass, including greetz in the readme to DRuG members Alco64 & Trix. I'm yet to chek it out, but sure you all want to know this. Click here to go straight to BazW's release site(defunct link).

NOTE: I have added his v3 client to our downloads section.

Thanks for the fine release BazW

Monthly news day

[DRuG]NikT (27 Jul 2004 10:00 pm)
DRuG CRC Bypass (VC & LC) Release
Ventrilo server set up for voice chat wit da DRuG
MTA 0.4 Released - Heads up pplz - GTA3 MTA is damn fine.

DRuG CRC Bypass (VC & LC) Release:
Map modders, speedsters and stunters fear not.. once again we are free to do our thang, thanks to the fine work of Alco64 & TriX, who worked together to cover both Vice and Liberty City versions in this new (and very prompt) release. It can be found in the downloads section.

Ventrilo server set up for voice chat wit da DRuG:
Though not 24/7, the Ventrilo server has been set up for when DRuG are modding and gaming together.

The sound is perfect when everyone wears headphones and gets their auto-mic-trigger sensitivity right.

MTA 0.4 Released - Heads up pplz re GTA3 MTA:
I decided to give MTA 0.4 GTA3 a bang last night for the first time, and was amazed - compared to the mission coding for vice, it's like a different multiplayer game, and better... for starters, you have to buy weapons from the dealers that show up on the radar like the cars, and you can only buy the weapons by hocking your health for money, or stunting it up on the way there. This combined with the added feature of regular turismo races (you can line up and race other MTAers) makes for a wayy better multi where the money has value.

-=Welcome 2 DA DRuG Racer -- Another Kiwi !! I'll do ya member bio soon buddy=-

Monthly news day

[DRuG]NikT (28 Jun 2004 10:21 pm)
DRuG Alien VCM (beta) Release
GTA:Australia(link defunct) Project Site Outage/Restored,
DRuG Forums (original link defunct) - Login Working Again
$BiG Money$ Vice City Trainer In Final Beta

DRuG Alien VCM (beta) Release:
NikTs AlienNikTs Alien

I have been playing with the new GTA import/export plugin for Blender, and after a great deal of fiddling with bone models/assignment and UV mapping, I'm starting to see some results. I have packaged the alien pictured above as a VCM to replace robber. The shoes still need some work, and so does the texture, but at least the face doesn't twist up now when he turns his head.

I have also announced/released this beta on gtaforums.com.
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as"

GTA:Australia (link defunct) Project Site Outage/GTA:FX Login Issues:
A couple of weeks ago, I was unable to access GTA:A project site - it has now been relocated and set up for good (lets hope).

Strangely, the GTA:FX forums were also down around this time in an unconnected incident with their billing - access has been restored. DRuG members are strongly encouraged to visit the bank at the DRuG Forums (link defunct) and maximise their bank balance, then email me so I can maximise yet another DRuG's funds (we 0wn the richest members ladder already, but lets keep going).

$BiG Money$ Vice City Trainer In Final Beta:
Having finished the interface design and submitted it myself to [DRuG]SniperX only a few hours ago, I can assure you all we are very close to the controlled release of the final $BigMoney$ product. At this point the beta version will stop working, so I guess you'll know when to chek - trik is, where to chek - all I can say is same bat place folx.

That's it for now - more news as it comes..

-=The GTA Forums - Where all the mod juice is - straight from the authors!!=-

Major news day

[DRuG]NikT (28 May 2004 10:56 pm)
DRuG Merge with D-X: DRuG = Modz D-X = Warz
GTA:Australia (link defunct) Project launched
New Home (link defunct) For DRuG Forums?

Lots of news, and all pretty much landed tonight!

DRuG Merge with D-X:
Through the wisdom of YDrooL and da krew's movin & shakin', DRuG's modding horizons have been expanded greatly - with the joining of DRuG and D-X, members will still have to earn the right to carry either tag, but as one clan, mods can be released building the DRuG name, while players can still get their fighting done with the rokkinest clan out there - D-X - welkom to da klub guys - it's gonna be phun.

GTA:Australia (link defunct)
With the development of GTA:Liberty City, GTA:Berlin, GTA:London and GTA:New York (any others, please email me, the path for San Andreas and on is looking pretty clear - GTA seems to be the place where 3D multiuser worlds are really starting to evolve and without just gunz 4 phun. I'm stoked to announce that the DRuG/D-X merge has also triggered the launch of our work on the Australian arm of this projekt. More information can be found in our final news topic...

New Home (link defunct) For DRuG Forums?
In Ydrool's creation of the site for GTA:Australia (link defunct), we now have a full blown php system with forums etc. For this and YDrool's many other contributions to the MTA community, I have welcomed him as a DRuG co-leader. On a similar note, Trix has also been brought onboard the DRuG leaders - I welkom u both.

Much more news to cover later on DRuG's car mod pack which is in the final stages of permission from original authors, trainers that I'll keep a mystery at this stage, and several other projekts which will begin to be listed on the New Home (link defunct) For DRuG Forums.

-=The new replacement for DRuG's GangsOfGTA Forums (link defunct) - Where 2 stay tuned for updates!!=-

GTAt Server, BYSA = Stirrers & GangsOfGTA SA

[DRuG]NikT (15 May 2004 11:33 pm)
GTAt Server Stopped
BYSA = Stirrers
[DRuG] @ GangsOfGTA San Andreas
(link defunct)

The GTAt 0.5d client/server was running for about 10 minutes then crashing, so I have stopped it - I'm sure you'll all agree we're back to waitin' for stable mode.

Sadly, I feel I need to make you all aware of a new clan that seem to be stirring the pot.. BYSA, who seem to have quite a few (deluded) members (they run a no-cheat stunt server - where's the fun in that?!), have been quite rude behind DRuG's back, even on my own server (I have the logs in a window on my machine most of the time). Although I had tolerated this, tonight the negativity escalated with some unfounded rumours shared from [BYSA]Raven, once again, on my server. He has since explained that he respekts da DRuG, and as I requested, will stay outta rumours unless he can reference the people involved. For those interested in the whole Melrose Place saga of he-said/she-said, the logs and subsequent MSN followup can be found here.

The GangsOfGTA - San Andreas Clan List (link defunct) has begun, and DRuG have been added - if you are a DRuG member, please click the above link or this text (link defunct) and sign up to da DRuG - let's be the first clan to populate.

Many of our members have moved about as Vice City has gotten old.. DRuG will be sticking through to San Andreas, and I'll keep you updated on this site. Being the chill clan we are, of course, the doors are always open for new & old.. send me an email for more info.

-=The GangsOfGTA Forums seem to be down as they overhaul for San - Stay tuned for updates!!=-

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