[DRuG] HighWay Release

[DRuG]NikT (04 Oct 2004 12:00 pm)
In order to allow for the major limitations thrust on us by MTA 0.4.1, CZ3 has offered two versions of this scratch made map mod for Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The highway is a circuit that can be entered at all corners and middle points of the map thanks to some nicely made ramps.
As with most large map mods, the parts used conflict with those in DRuG Dome, and as such, will mean you need to remove the DRuGDome VCM prior to adding this one, or you will find most of the highway invisible..


VCM (auto install)
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Nice1 CZ3, as always

-=Damn I'm addicted to flying the dodo again=-

[DRuG] Weapon Hud and Downloads Reorganized

[DRuG]NikT (15 Sep 2004 12:00 pm)
Having now spent entirely too long fiddling with my hud mod, it is now ready to be set free in the wild... hope you all like - it goes well with the [DRuG]Xtras vcm, also available in the newly arranged VCM section of our downloads area.


VCM (auto install)
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Awesome mod NikT - geeze you're ace.. no, I mean really - you rock man!

-=Yes, I am talking to myself, but hey - you're reading it=-

[DRuG]-luxo Release

[DRuG]NikT (14 Sep 2004 12:00 pm)
Normally working more in the field of mapping and .SCM coding, CZ3 appears to have branched off into 3D modelling and car modding. Thanks to this journey, we have another DRuG car to add to the fleet.

Using many custom parts imported from offerings by other modellers, the vehicle is a modified, convertible version of the Deluxo, complete with several different options for handling in the manual install, and the alternative of a modded vcm packaged by me.


Manual install
VCM (auto install)
Don't left click the above download links, right click and select "save as".
Awesome car CZ3 - keep em coming!

Also note the addition of the VCM Paradise section, which can be found within the (newly organized) downloads section, and also in the left panel for regular access.

-=DRuGs R baad, Mkay=-

DRuG BigMoney Trainer 1.0 Release

[DRuG]NikT (07 Sep 2004 12:00 pm)
I know this one has been long awaited by some, and dreaded by others, so DRuG have a word of warning for n00bs that choose to misuse this release: your IP is on view any time you use the net folx, no matter how well you hide it, and some people relish in their revenge on people who are lame to them - don't let this be you.


DRuG BigMoney Trainer 1.0
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
**0wn n0t, lest j00 B 0wnd!!**

DRuG it up ppls!!!

DRuG Radio Release

[DRuG]NikT (05 Sep 2004 12:00 pm)
Ever since moving from GTAIII, I've sadly missed the huge gap in the MSXFX radio department. As a result, I've just started experimenting with radio station mixes to replace the standard Vice one. Starting with a (very) DRuGd replacement selection for VRock, there are the choices of my weird mix or MSXFX.

Only hours after releasing my mix, YDrool followed with a more mainstream selection for VCPR, then I countered with a gangsta chilln' mix of my usual weirdness.

Manual NikT Mix
Manual MSXFM
Manual Ydrool mix
Manual NikT Chill
Warning: ~30Mb (but on fast link)
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
NOTE: readme.txt has an error - the replace of VROCK.adf should be in radio.
**Now lets see some of you cuttn' da mix!!**

I have also added BazW's nocrc client to the downloads section, as I'm getting asked about it a lot.

DRuG Police Release II

[DRuG]NikT (03 Sep 2004 12:00 pm)
Having only just become a DRuG member, I should have been surpised with CZ3 launching such a fine release so quickly, but then, this man came with one hell of a good reputation, and what can I say, this release certainly lives up to it.


Standard VCM
Standard Manual
Modded VCM
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
**Thanks to CZ3/Mista_g for this awesome release!**

Awesome CZ3!! Love ya work.

DRuG Police Release

[DRuG]NikT (29 Aug 2004 12:00 pm)
(Removed at request of Ryoko & MistaG).

Though not a DRuG member, the star of today's mod release, TNT, aka Ryoko, had me in stitches upon first sight of his classic scratch creation car, complete with the option of CZ3 or DRuG lights on top. What better way to welcome CZ3 to our members list than this humerous release.

DRuGCarzDRuG & CZ3 Police

removed at request of Ryoko/MistaG

Welcome aboard CZ3!! Now.. if only I could convince Ryoko to join - we've spent many-a-night modding together - Thanks mate!

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