Welcome 2 da DRuG Silky

[DRuG]NikT (14 Jan 2009 10:54 pm)
As the second ?or is it third? member that's been recruited using our new technique of discussing it in a clan only, private area of our forums, I know we're all glad to welcome [DRuG]Silky.

To quote his application, I feel, will give you the best rundown on where he fits into the online clan scene, to date...
quote (from Silky's application):

I am 16 years old, live in New Zealand and my real name is Anees.
I know quite a bit of the members since I have played with them in game.
I have been playing SA:MP for, I think, a bit over a year now and am enjoying it immensely :D
I have great fun racing and have a couple of records on CJA server in SAMP.
I love drifting and used 2 co-own a stunt clan, [AUS] which, during its time was awesome to be a part of.
I was also in the clan CBK and a co-owner of LA.
I am currently in the clan LF and enjoy DMing with them.
I have got MTA race and DM but don't play it very often, but I am going to now that i have played SAMP a lot.
Seriously GTA is pretty sweet haha.

Having played alongside him on AGS a bit recently, I know he's already mates with quite a few of the crew... on behalf of DRuG, [DRuG]Silky, welcome.

cool cool cool cool cool

Happy New Year to/from all @ DRuG

[DRuG]NikT (01 Jan 2009 09:43 pm)
I wrote a big year's summary message for Christmas, so I'm going to keep this one brief.

This year will see the development of DRuG within the GTAIV online scene, hopefully with many more exciting mods to come. At this stage, I have been playing single player GTAIV on PC, while saving my online play for xbox live, where I am able to get smoother online play. Unfortunately, as my current laptop is only just within the minimum specs, online pushes it over the edge - so I'm just gonna have to be patient for the money to emerge for an upgrade, likely to occur in the next 6 months.

It would be good to start a profile field on the forums where we all exchange Rockstar Social Club & Windows Live IDs - I will be looking into adding this over the coming month.

Thanks and best wishes to one & all for another fine year with DRuG.

Welcome 2 da DRuG Shane0

[DRuG]NikT (31 Dec 2008 12:19 pm)
Shane0, originally carrying the SA-MP clan TDS's tag, has also been a member of SF-Clan, and is a very active gamer in the GTA online scene.. associating with the crew and assisting with admin on our MTA race server, he's been with us for quite some time now.. really, I should have signed him up much earlier, but it's great to finally have him in the crew... sorry it took so long, buddy, and welcome!

cool cool cool cool cool

NikT/Elite's ADSL2+ Online

[DRuG]NikT (29 Dec 2008 04:33 pm)
We're finally patched to a working pair & iinet came straight online..

I expect to have 2 linux servers online some time tonight, with MTA DM, MTA race (including bot/stats intact) and SA-MP servers following shortly after.

More news as it emerges.

Elite & NikT's Christmas ADSL news update

[DRuG]NikT (25 Dec 2008 11:56 am)
Merry Christmas folks.

Not sure how many of you know, [DRuG]Elite and I moved into a share house a month or so ago. He's one of DRuG's oldskool and a co-leader.. With the same house, now, a lot of news relating to DRUG's servers and resources coming online really comes from both of us.. since most of it is hosted out of our place or one of our colo-serves.

We are up to the third technician visit on Monday to have Naked iinet set up.

Turns out on this one, there genuinely was a line fault - had to get Telstra out - always a nervy part, in case you're wrong - since they then charge you for the call-out (if you're wrong)..

Weird part is, I must have been paid to go onsite and help get about 20 ADSL lines up and running, the only one I have to actually follow through on a faulty line call is my own?!

They had everything ok on iinet's side.. but 100m away in the Telstra pit, we were patched to a faulty pair. On Monday when they put us on a new pair, apparently everything will go live straight away.

/me hopes.

iinet were very good on the service side of things, and their phone jockeys aren't idiots.

Merry Yaksmas everyone..


Welkom 2 da DRuG Erebus

[DRuG]NikT (12 Dec 2008 09:15 pm)
Folks - we have us a new member - [DRuG]Erebus - to use his own words..

I'm a pomme maniac lookin for fun!!! I specialise in racing on SA:MP and i can usually be found on the AGS server. I'm quick witted and can occasionally seem harsh, but i mean no offense. I'm quite a protective guy, and i will defend my name, clan and server against anyone who seeks to disgrace them.

His application had stylez, he's a scratch modeller of vehicles and with our new system of recruitment, I already know, very welcomed & will fit in well with the crew - Erebus, I've said this to every member (at least) once - Welkom 2 da DRuG.

smile smile smile smile smile smile

All except web server offline for up to 21 days

[DRuG]NikT (07 Nov 2008 04:49 pm)
After much consideration, rather than attempting to overlap internet with the new place, I have decided to take all but the web server offline for a few weeks - just move them to the new house now, and wait for the internet to come online.

The main benefit of the downtime will be in my personal arrangements, with the cost being no game servers etc - but I don't think people are really gonna miss them - things are quiet in terms of their use lately, anyway.

I'll still be online, but using gsm/wireless in the short term, as I am moving my bed to the new place tonight.

See you from there, folks.

More news to come in the comments section for this post.

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