NikT will be offline for a short while - moving house

[DRuG]NikT (24 Jan 2005 01:21 pm)
I'm moving into a sweet new place, the only downside being that I'll be offline while I sort ADSL. It should be no more than 2 weeks, but I expect to have dialup access on and off throughout this regrettable period.

sad If you have a dialup account I am able to use for 2 weeks, please email me.

The teamspeak server address will not change, nor will it's configuration - even the teamspeak insert in the left panel remained unaffected by a very smooth move across to [DRuG]Trix's linux server. cool

For those looking for the best times to find me online over the next few weeks, I'd suggest > 11pm will be safe territory to start hogging my new housemates' phone line - we'll see.

Welcome HiRise

[DRuG]NikT (22 Jan 2005 01:03 am)
Having seen HiRise on vice stunt servers quite a bit lately, we began talking, and he seems pretty cool - I invited him to join and I think he'll fit right in with the crew.. Keep an eye out for him in teamspeak - word around the office is he's got a headset. wink

Welkom 2 da DRuG HiRise!

New mods & web, welcomes and clone warnings

[DRuG]NikT (10 Jan 2005 02:53 pm)
Welcome to our newest DRuG member, Nonameo, also the author of a unique and groundbreaking new car spawning mod for Vice City, which can also be found in our MTA related downloads section.

Also from a new member, UnderW (aka MrBrown) has released MTA Brown, a very sophisticated bot referred to by [DRuG]Trix as "The best bot he has ever seen for MTA" (also available in MTA related downloads).

Trix, Lix, Nonameo and the rest of the crew continue to work together on what is becoming some really useful modding tek. With the ability to spawn cars and communicate well with MTA bots, the groundbreaking discoveries get more and more prevalent.

I hope a lot of you notice the increased speed of the DRuG web - I have just spent roughly 12 hours introducing a frameset that is far more logical and reduces bandwidth. If you spot any bugs, first clear your cache, and if the problem persists, please email me.

Members (past and present) have been complaining of late that others in the MTA scene are using their nick. To clear up some confusions, be aware of the following:
Jax (ex DRuG but still a buddy and good modder) is not [CMC]Jax.
Lix (also a buddy of DRuG & regular poster on is not the Lix found posting on

Stay tuned for many more exciting new releases over the coming months.

Happy new year to and from all of DRuG

[DRuG]NikT (01 Jan 2005 10:37 pm)
It's been a fun year of modding, and the lineup of uniquely talented DRuGs gets bigger by the day.

With the addition of Mr. Brownstone as [DRuG]UnderW (of fame), and our recent associations with talented modders BazW and LiX, things are certainly shaping up for the new year and it's long awaited releases of MTA Blue and San Andreas.

DRuG it up ppls!!

New news posting method

[DRuG]NikT (29 Dec 2004 07:45 pm)
Thanks to the addition of cutenews, I can now get feedback on news releases.

Please use the feedback feature wisely as I will be blocking IPs of nuisance users. angry

TeamSpeak Toolz day

[DRuG]NikT (19 Dec 2004 12:00 pm)
TSO puts teamspeak activity straight onto your in-game screen using it's own DirectX graphics layer, becoming another fine addition to your hud.

It can be downloaded directly by clicking here, or better still, straight from the author at

Know any cool toolz I might be missing? Please email me!

OK OK I'll do a news item day

[DRuG]NikT (11 Dec 2004 12:00 pm)
BazW, author of DRuG's favourite MTA NO-CRC, has had hosting difficulties, and as a result will now release via the DRuG web downloads sections.

DRuG have moved to Teamspeak for voice chat - it seems superior to ventrilo. If you have the client, we are on most times at

Get the client now at

Thanks again BazW for your fine work!

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