1337 H4X release day

[DRuG]NikT (08 May 2005 06:21 pm)
New DRuG member, and long time clan associate, [DRuG]NVX has cracked the Encryption used in MTA 0.5 and created a library for use with mIRC, as well as a second library for use with C/C++, ASM, Delphi, VB, etc that contain the cryptographic functions for communication with a MTA 0.5 server. (Source will not be released at this time.) The dll for use in C programs and the like should work with every language that supports using dll with custom params and can handle non-string data, although only examples for C is provided at this time.

Inside the ZIP file are 2 readmes, 2 dlls, 1 lib file, 2 mirc scripts, 1 c header file, 1 c source file.

One readme is for the mIRC dll, one for the C dll.

One dll is the mirc dll, one is the C dll. (well duh!)

The lib file and header is for use with the c dll.

The c source file is an example for use of the C dll within a c program. (note, the c example does not connect, it just decrypts a string, i got lazy... the mirc example however does connect :P)

One mIRC script is a script with some useful aliases with conversions and is used by the second mirc script wich contains a fully working example of how to use the mirc script to connect to a server. It shows server info, allows you to send and recieve chat, and some other stuff that i cbf'd explaining, read the mtacrypt-example.mrc file :)

Download from: Neo's File Store or DRuG's Website

If you have a question, pop into IRC at irc://irc.Neo-Vortex.net/DRuG

Amazing work Neo-Vortex & Trix - most DRuG have already probably met Neo on IRC, pay note his name in game will be [DRuG]NVX, and that Trix is known in IRC as kynox.

This release, as you read this, is a matter of serious discussion DRuG are engaging in. We are disappointed in the way a number of people have interpreted it's release in terms of DRuG's motivations. As noted in the comments, DRuG have the sole goal of enriching MTA gameplay, not destroying it. Sadly, we understand this is not the aspirations of everyone that uses our mods - as such, we are currently exploring how we can be truer to these motives and how it can be expressed in future releases.. our apologies go out to anyone that does not understand this.

DRuG it up ppls!

Vice/GTA3 trainer and [DRuG]TRANSiT opens

[DRuG]NikT (01 May 2005 05:30 pm)
Been a while between news items, but lots has been going on behind the scenes... some of which I can report to you now.

[DRuG]Static has just released a new trainer - MTA Teleport 2. It features xyz teleporting, 16 preset locations to warp to via hotkeys (that can be disabled), health level adjustment and the ability to slow health loss. It also allows you to switch between window titles, so use with different versions is easy and it works with both versions of GTA - Vice and Liberty. It is available in the MTA related downloads area and the trainers section, or you can download here.

In other news, DRuG has spawned a new flight simming clan, DRuG TRANSiT, with multiplayer server & site, headed up by yours truly. The site can be found at http://drug.kicks-ass.net, and has it's own news area that I plan to keep updated like this one, live multiplayer server info and some liveries/skins I have made for the default planes to "DRuG it up".

*Edit by NikT* Our new clan site also includes these downloads areas with all the GTA ones.

All DRuG members are of course already considered part of this new extension, however it would be great to hear from those that intend to join in.. just click my name down the bottom and drop me an email, or add a comment below.

Nice one Static!! DRuG it up peoples!!!

IRC server where you can idle/chat with DRuG

[DRuG]NikT (24 Mar 2005 06:28 pm)
Thanks to the fine work of Vebome, and now Neo-Vortex, we have a devoted IRC server which is online for all of us to idle & chat in.

I encourage anyone interested in getting to know DRuG, or those considering joining, to first get to know the crew via this server.

I strongly recommend all DRuG members idle regularly in the server to stay down with the program, and anyone is of course welcome to drop in and say hi.

So what are u waiting for - point your irc client to:

C U chillin wit da DRuG! wink

*edit* Note I have just changed this server address to refer to the one everyone seems to have moved to - thanks Neo & Vebome!

Disco Lights Mod by Jacob

[DRuG]NikT (21 Mar 2005 10:07 pm)
Known by most as [CMC]Jacob, our latest mod comes from one of the many active participants at the mtavcsux forums, Jacob.

The Disco Lights mod will allow you to change all emergency vehicle lights into disco colours... instead of just red blue, you will see them ebb and flow through the entire spectrum.

Jacob has asked that this mod be hosted on DRuG web, and although not yet a member.. it would be great to have him aboard.


Disco Trainer 1.0
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Nice work dude and thanks! (also added to the "Vice Misc." downloads area)

NikT's Teamspeak and DRuG Special Forces mods

[DRuG]NikT (11 Mar 2005 06:45 am)
Well it's been a boring morning so I decided to get teamspeak up and running on my link again..
drug.kicks-ass.net now links to my teamspeak server again, which I'll try to keep online 24/7.

Flat Out demolition derbies have become a regular thing with DRuG, but we're using a different client now. FlatOut ME is a modded edition of the game with better physics, camera angles and so on, and includes FlatOutNet for online internet play - the reason it's superior? If a server you join is mid game, keep retrying, it will add you when they return to the lobby after their current round. An update is also available for the client to v1.3 at FlatOutHQ (yes, it's in german, but you only want the download).

In Flight Simulator 2004 a few of us have been flying about in some aircraft we have developed liveries for - slowly building the air force..

Soon I will be adding the download areas for these games as promised, which includes making these liveries available and the various modding tools we are accumulating for FlatOut.

DRuG it up Peepz!

DRuG Special Forces: Expansion to new games

[DRuG]NikT (02 Mar 2005 03:15 am)
While waiting for the release of MTA Blue and San Andreas, DRuG have remained on teamspeak quite actively, lately more on a private server run by [DRuG]Zidane. In this time we have become regular in quite a number of multiplayer games.. in some of them even still carrying the DRuG tag, and developing mods like player/vehicle skins and trainers.

As a result, I am going to try and expand the drug web to include some of these games, this way people can see some of the action, plus get some of the mods we've been developing.

The list of common games DRuG can be found in lately includes HalfLife 2, Flight Sim 2004 (complete with a full set of DRuG Transit liveries), Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and most notably as of tonight, Flat Out Online - this game is much like MTA, an addon to an initially only LAN multiplayer game. We have all been using it for demolition derbies across the internet with impressively smooth results.

A review of Flat Out can be found at RealGamer, or just check out the screenshots below:

For those on a faster link wanting to get a better idea of the game, a 67Mb video can be found on the Flat Out forums by clicking here - worth chekking their forums out at any rate.

Refresh regularly.. I should be adding download and gallery areas over the coming weeks.

NikT back on broadband

[DRuG]NikT (27 Feb 2005 01:44 pm)
Woohoo! Finally back on a fast connection so will have more time to start a few new projects. Stay tuned for more details, but gimme a day or two to do some serious leeching.

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