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11 May 2006 06:38 pm = goes live with rewritten DRuG web
If you are reading this page, you have come to the archive version of DRuGs previous web incarnation.

Our new site can be reached at - please update all references to DRuG such that they point to our new web.

A big thanks goes out to [DRuG]Raider aka [DRuG]SpngBb aka Raff for not only this fantastic web, which has served us well for over a year, but also for our new home, which I suggest you go visit now to stay up to date with all the latest DRuG newz.
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11 May 2006 12:03 pm = SA-MP 0.1 Out, New DRuG Web, MTA/SA-MP Servers
With the release of SA-MP's first public client/server last night, the world finally got a taste of real GTA multiplayer action. DRuG's new 32 player SA-MP server was almost full all night, with old and new members cruising Las Venturas in their (synched) pimped up rides. Get the client now at

Though still running, the DRuG MTA server was mysteriously empty... at this stage we're leaving it up, but only time will tell how long. Both servers can be found by browsing the server list for the DRuG Official server.

The last few weeks have seen Raider, Trix, NikT and the rest of the crew (in order of effort) putting a huge amount of work into getting our rewritten web site up and running -- expect the change-over in the next 24 hours... at this stage only the gallery remains for it to be complete.

Please take time to ensure your member profile is up to date - old members - we still consider you part of DRuG, send any member pictures, screenshots or profile updates to
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03 Apr 2006 07:18 pm = MTA map pack by Grish and SA-MP beta tests conclude.
It's been an eventful few weeks, with lots of activity in DRuG since our last post.

First of all, welcome to our newest member, [DRuG]Gneralas. Gneralas is an accomplished mapmaker in the MTA race scene and also Grish's brother.. one of several family teams in DRuG, it'll be great to have them working together with us - DRuG it up guys!

Grish has released a map pack for MTA, including his popular new drift maps, they also feature some amusing tracks I categorize as "bomb not map" which prove for fast laughs and multiplayer surprises.

Destroying the karts as they race proves trickier than you would expectDrifting in the sand lends some interesting handling attributesAs a plane enthusiast, I love Grishs air racesDOWNLOAD NOW:

Map Pack by [DRuG]Grish

SA-MP public beta testing was carried out over the weekend, with results proving very positive. Free-roam multiplayer action has never looked so smooth, with synch of many things we've come not to expect from MTA, with SA-MP, one has to deal with flat tyres, car jacking and earning enough money to build a weapon stockpile. Judging from it's current stability and thorough development, expect a release very shortly with the first version being more complete and stable than other initial releases we've seen over time.
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12 Mar 2006 08:51 pm = San Andreas Macross YF-19 jet
The Macross YF-19 jet for San Andreas.
Converted from Bill Simon's lw3d object to a hydra replacement for San Andreas by [DRuG]NikT.

yf19 1yf19 2yf19 3DOWNLOAD NOW:

Manual install

Stay tuned for a total overhaul of the DRuG web, with the ability to submit new mods and many more features that will help to simplify updating and expansion of the DRuG database of mods.

Welcome to our newest member, [DRuG]Grish - he's created some great maps for MTA San Andreas and also runs a popular server in the Oceania neck of the woods - I'll add your member bio soon mate.

With the introduction of MTA San An, DRuG have set up a 24/7 server so we have somewhere to go en mass.. it's on a US host so the ping will be a bit higher for us, but it will take plenty of people before lagging on the checkpoints. Browsing the server list in MTA should show us as "Official DRuG low ping" or quick connect to port 22003 - be sure to drop in or email us some maps! (just click my name below).

*Edit by Trix*: You can now upload maps via a script i've done up. Click here to upload a map

Enjoy the plane peoples!
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25 Dec 2005 12:54 am = Seasons Greetings
From all at DRuG, we wish the modding and gaming scene a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2005 will be known as the year of PC San Andreas, such a great game due to the fact it brought the scene together, bringing on new challenges and an array of interesting ideas.

2005 marked releases such as MTA 0.5 NoCRC, MTA 0.5 Encryption cracking, NikT's great fleet of San Andreas aircraft, SA Vehicle Spawner and even a Dalek.

It was also great to see the crew span into other games such as FlatOut, Flight Sim and Trackmania.

All up, thanks for making 2005 a great year, and we look forward to 2006.
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03 Nov 2005 10:37 pm = Trackmania Sunrise Mods
Recently Ydrool, Elite & I bought Trackmania Sunrise, and like with the Wipeout series of "speed" games, I fell in love.

Not only is the game multiplayer, with a (gladly) unhackable ladder, but has very active modding and clan scenes, and the mods are synched in online play.

We are about to get into both ladder racing and modding for Trackmania in a big way - already 3 members have the game - my times are ok in races (~2400 on the ~30,000 slot ladder) but my focus is modding... Ydrool, another DRuG with the game, is the drift king... and achieves way better times in races than me - he's been placing with the top 100 when he races, but is yet to develop a ladder position that reflects this. Now on with my debut release for Trackmania Sunrise..

The Macross YF-19 jet
Converted from Bill Simon's lw3d object to a Trackmania Sunrise island car.

Manual install
TMUP is a web based automated installation protocol.. get the tmup mod installer from

The mod has also been released at Trackmania Carpark - if you wanna see good screenshots - that's the place 2 b.

Expect to see a lot more mods in future for the Trackmania series, it's how DRuG tend to enjoy the game - customising to our tastes.
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06 Oct 2005 12:42 am = Ydrool goes in for surgery
Our deepest thoughts go out to a long time DRuG member.
Ydrool will be going in for surgery, and will remain in hospital for 3 days.
Hopefully all goes well, and DRuG sends out their best wishes.
We will update you of Ydrool's situation in the coming days.

The operation was a complete success. Now Ydrool will look forward to his lengthy recovery over the coming weeks.
Intelligence tells us "ydrool was bored and starving, wanted to
eat the pictures of food off the pages of the magazines."

We hope you're doing fine Drooly.

Ydrool seems to have recovered fine, and all seems well. Great to have you back.
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19 Sep 2005 05:45 pm = Chat live with DRuG on IRC
With the usage of realtime text chat coming back into use by most of the modding scene, the gtanet irc server has been becoming more populated by the day... on average the DRuG channel there has around 20 users these days.

For those not already aware, this is a great place to pose questions to the DRuG crew and get a straight answer, and quick.

Using mIRC or equivalent, visit our server today: in channel #DRuG

shok See you there!
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09 Sep 2005 01:58 am = San Andreas Bullet conversion for Vice City
This mod replaces the infernus in GTA Vice City with a San Andreas Bullet.

The model was taken from San An then converted to Vice by [DRuG]NikT.

This was just the product of me messing around, showing someone how to convert models.

Not to be taken too seriously, but I will get around to doing the wheels shortly.


San Andreas Bullet for Vice City
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
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04 Sep 2005 11:59 pm = Easter Bay Aircraft Carrier Vehicle Conversion Beta 2
This mod replaces the Tropic in GTA San Andreas with the Easter Bay Aircraft Carrier.

The model was taken from San Andreas, then converted to a pre-textured boat, handling added and a col file made by [DRuG]NikT.

The col file in this version covers the key surfaces, we are at the max 2000 polygon count, so I'm trying to keep it lean. Stay tuned for an updated release with more complete collion data, and interior models of missiles etc included, but only if I can find a way to squeeze more in - we're pushing all the limits now except the collision file, which I've left a little room in so that it might run on Cerbera's machine.. he is responsible for making this thing heavy, so we can all land on it... THANKS CERBERA!!! (and his handling editor rox).


Easter Bay Aircraft Carrier for San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

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22 Aug 2005 07:53 am = IC3 Train to replace San Andreas Streak by CZ3 + NikT
This model was made from scratch in Sketchup by [DRuG]CZ3, then converted for use in San Andreas by [DRuG]NikT. It is designed to replace the Streak passenger train.


IC3 Train Beta 1 for San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

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15 Aug 2005 05:34 am = Vice City Mosquito skimmer replacement
This mod replaces the Skimmer in GTA Vice City with a Mosquito.

The model was by Eumel3D from then UV mapped, dummied up and textured for Vice by [DRuG]NikT.

It is available in 3DSMAX format from 3D Kingdom - click here to go there now .

The polygons have been heavily reduced get this working in game - the original model was over 26,000.

The collision file & handling remain the same as the skimmer such that the mosquito behaves in the air identically as prior to installing.

At this stage, I haven't made the wings transparent, but plan to in a later release, along with a San Andreas version.

I have obtained written permission from Eumel (thanks mate!) prior to release. For this reason, while I authorise re-skinning (with due credit to myself & Eumel), please refrain from altering the model.


Vice Mosquito
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

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11 Aug 2005 05:41 pm = John Travolta's Boeing 707 for San Andreas
This mod replaces the AT400 in GTA San Andreas with a Qantas 707 as owned and flown by John Travolta.

The model was taken from simviation, then UV mapped, dummies tied to animated parts, then textured for San Andreas by [DRuG]NikT.

It is available in gmax format from

The texturing and normals have been worked over so you can put writing on both sides, and to iron out some weirdly visible vertexes. The left and right sides of the plane are in separate images in the txd. The tail and rudders were modeled by me to work around a lack of tools for editing animations - the rudder and elevators in this plane are in fact very reworked vertexes from the AT400's animated parts. At this stage, I haven't tied in animations for the real landing gear or ailerons - this will be done in a later release when animation tools are out.

The model was originally by George Carty (, who converted it in GMAX from a 707-320B by Rok Dolenec ( I have obtained written permission from George (thanks mate!) prior to release. For this reason, while I authorise re-skinning of the aircraft (with due credit to myself, Rok & George), please refrain from altering the model.


John Travolta's Qantas 707
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

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04 Aug 2005 12:06 am = Dragon Air Cargo livery for Qantas 747-400
Just a livery update, but those using the plane a few news items down will appreciate it I'm sure - this one will be good for using as a paintkit too...

Dragonair CargoDOWNLOAD NOW:

Dragonair livery for Qantas 747-400
>Qantas 747-400 - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

You will need the original Qantas version to see this livery correctly - this is just a txd substitute.

Start emailing me those liveries people! wink
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03 Aug 2005 06:24 pm = New domain name
Thanks to the fine work of [DRuG]Elite, we now have a new permanent domain name. Update your links to

Thanks Elite!
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30 Jul 2005 10:27 pm = Dr. Who 2005 Dalek for San Andreas
This mod replaces the hydra in GTA San Andreas with a Dr. Who 2005 series Dalek.

The model was created by Rhys Salcombe then textured and converted to San Andreas by [DRuG]NikT.

It is available in lightwave format from Lightwave Group's web.

Also, please feel free to retexture this model... the different skins are gonna be fun, but remember this is not a freely modifyable model.. I gained written permission before release.


2005 Dalek - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
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26 Jul 2005 03:52 am = Qantas 747-400 for San Andreas
This mod replaces the AT400 in GTA San Andreas with a Qantas 747-400.

The model was taken from Exchange3d then textured and converted to San Andreas by [DRuG]NikT.

It is available in 3ds format from exchange3d.

The texturing and normals have been worked over in this version so you can put writing on both sides of the model. The left and right sides of the plane are now in separate images in the txd.

Stay tuned for painkit, or even better, email me one wink

Also, please feel free to retexture this model... the different skins are gonna be what will make this plane coo!

Qantas 747-400DOWNLOAD NOW:

Qantas 747-400 - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
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18 Jul 2005 08:59 am = Boeing 747-400 for San Andreas
This mod replaces the AT400 in GTA San Andreas with a 747-400 in DRuG Transit livery - I've left off our decals in this release for those that may not want another clan's name on their vehicles.

The model was taken from exchange3d, but sadly there is no record of the original author.

It is available in 3ds format at this link.

You will note the texturing is improved but still rough - I will spend more time on textures once I have a few models in and my skills in turn improve. The skin is taken from one I made for flight sim 2004.

I may do a refined version down the track including animations for the ailerons, assuming I can find a tool to edit them in San An.


747-400 - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
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14 Jul 2005 03:33 am = SR71A Blackbird for San Andreas
This mod replaces the Shamal in GTA San Andreas with a blackbird in DRuG Transit livery.

The model was taken from 3dCafe and was originally made by Syd Adams.

It is available in 3ds format at this link.

You will note the texturing is rough - the normals on the model were originally flipped all over the place... it's a lot cleaner than it was. The decals are also done very roughly - this model wasn't that fun to work with so I have hastened it's release so I can move on to another. I may do a refined version down the track including animations, assuming I one day understand them.


SR-71A Blackbird - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Stay tuned for more planes in the coming weeks!
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13 Jul 2005 03:23 pm = *UPDATED* San Andreas Teleport / Car Spawner v2.3 by [DRuG]BazW
Just released on the forums, BazW's v2 trainer now supports teleportation and car spawning with advanced in-game menus for San Andreas.

Version 2.3 includes teleportation via in game map and a dynamic ingame teleport list that should simplify things for people having trouble remembering their car IDs and locations.


SA Teleport & Car Spawner v2.3

BazW is now working with SniperX, author of DRuG's Bigmoney trainer, isolating all the memory addresses and filing them into the new BigMonkey framework - they have been making good progress, and I have finished the interface - see below for preview. Also I am in the final stages of my blackbird for San Andreas... just have to finish positioning the dummies right and place the textures properly (preview below).

SOON: BigMonkey TrainerSOON: San Andreas Blackbird

Stay tuned for many more releases in the coming weeks.
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07 Jul 2005 06:56 pm = San Andreas Car Spawner v1.1 by [DRuG]BazW
Just released on the forums, BazW's new car spawner is just the ticket for madness and stunting mayhem in San.

With in-game hot keys and car ID typing, you need never tab out again to get the car of your dreams.

Ctrl-S: This handy little hotkey will spawn the last vehicle you created.
Ctrl-A: This allows you to type in any vehicle ID in game and have it spawned.

**NOTE** Don't try to spawn a train, the game crashes.

This trainer is only for EU GTA:SA exe. If you're using the noDVD cracked exe by Hoodlum, then you're all good to go. Start GTA, then run this trainer. Type in whatever ID you wanna spawn and you're golden.

BazW thanks [DRuG]Nonameo for the trainer barebones and for help with the hotkeys & also Jacob for the ideas and testing help.

BazW's CarSpawnerDOWNLOAD NOW:

San Andreas Car Spawner 1.1
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

NikT thanks the entire modding scene - man it's good seeing everyone working together everywhere - so much cool stuff brewing!
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03 Jul 2005 02:02 am = Black Shamal for San Andreas
I couldn't stop tweaking, so here's another..

This mod makes the Shamal in GTA San Andreas black with Ximian monkeys on the tail and wingtips.

The texture resolution has been tripled and all the detailing redone finely to suit, including a replacement door originally from a Boeing 717.


Black Shamal - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

I know, I know... PLAY THE GAAME. wink
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02 Jul 2005 10:08 pm = Black and fluro stunt plane for San Andreas
This mod makes the stunt plane in GTA San Andreas black & fluro yellow.

Though not really much more than a carcols edit (and thus, arguably not really worthy of the title "mod"), this release is intended to colour the plane to fit in more with the entire range of DRuG plane texture mods.

Unfortunately the texturing of the stunt plane is within the dff, rather than a wing decal in the texture file, thus a simple texture mod wouldn't have sufficed. Given the plane's art is already pretty cool, I decided just
to make the colours a little better.

Black Stunt PlaneDOWNLOAD NOW:

Black & Fluro Stunt Plane- San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Next maybe the Shamal... wink
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02 Jul 2005 12:50 am = Black Rustler for San Andreas
This mod makes the Rustler in GTA San Andreas mostly black.. with monkeys ala the Ximian linux monkey...

Black RustlerDOWNLOAD NOW:

Black Rustler - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Monkeeehs! smile
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01 Jul 2005 02:48 am = Monkeys From Uranus
Just a little monkey madness for San Andreas. Figured, why not monkey up "They Crawled From Uranus".

Introducing "Monkeys From Uranus".
Command your primate ship in the aid of destroying the inferior banana fleet.

screenshotDOWNLOAD NOW:

Monkeys from Uranus - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
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27 Jun 2005 08:47 pm = Qantas livery for the Nevada.
This is a texture replacement for the Nevada in San Andreas - I've avoided moving too far away from the default.

Unfortunately the door skin reuses the texture from the upper fuselage, preventing the lower section from being darkened (at least until DFF is cracked).

The original plane can be seen here...

Qantas NevadaDOWNLOAD NOW:

Qantas Nevada - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Enjoy! cool
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23 Jun 2005 07:15 pm = Black Hydra for San Andreas
As some of you may have noticed, I'm obsessed with making my planes all black in flight sim..

This mod makes the Hydra in GTA San Andreas mostly black..


Black Hydra - San Andreas
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Njoy! smile
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23 Jun 2005 08:40 am = TXD Workshop 3.5 ready for San Andreas, new address for DRuG web.
Delfi has released his latest (working with cars and everything) version of TXD workshop. The release thread can be found by clicking here.

Also, we now have a new (non vice city) address for the DRuG web - - update your bookmarks -- the new address allows us to link directly to files as well, so direct links like are now possible.

Stay tuned for a stack of new skins this evening.
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22 Jun 2005 11:31 am = San Andreas: The quiet before the storm.
As we all divide time between actually playing the game and experimenting with modding it, naturally things have gone very quiet in terms of releases.

DRuG have begun development of a new San Andreas trainer, titled "Big Monkey", it will offer much the same interface and features as the previous version - "Big Money", but with the addition of more structured code, such that updates can be more frequent.

As we wait for modelling tools it seems most of the goodies out there are more focussed on textures and mission scripts.. the two areas where indeed the tools are complete. Shortly is seems SteveM will have a San Andreas release of MooMapper - I'll try to get [DRuG]Dome into game as soon as that happens.

In the short term I have been working on retexturing some of the planes in true DRuG style - unfortunately, at this stage you cannot replace textures due to bugs in the existing dev tools - for more information and to stay updated, watch this thread on gtaforums.

*edit* I have received a private response from Delfi that sheds light on this problem - "it is txd workshop issue, the game cannot properly stream edited txds so the cars keep loading but cannot load properly". I'll make a new news item when a working version has been released.

Trix is working on some teamspeak tools for in game, while many other projects are also being discussed.

I found a tool online where you can upload your San Andreas stats for the world to see... mine can be found by clicking here. Perhaps I should create an area in everyone's clan profile so members can have a link to their stats on our site? Let me know what you think in the comments section by clicking the controls below.

Not long until SA:MP or MTA:SA hits the ground... personally I expect SA:MP to come to the foreforont of the multiplayer GTA scene.

See you all there!!!! (hopefully soon eh?)
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17 May 2005 07:55 pm = [DRuG]NVX Cryptography Tools version 1.1 release.
Since NVX's previous tools were released, DRuG have been working on many advanced game modes for use in MTA.. these include a long needed derby script with enforcement of game mode rules. Plans also include making this and other releases in the form of freestanding programs that will enhance gameplay in MTA.

NVX has released an update to the tools we're using to this end, changes include fixes for encryption in the C dll, visual basic examples, and last but not least, a new version number!!!

Shortly we will be adding a new download area for GTA coding, and all versions of these tools will be available in that one place.. for now, you can download the new version by clicking the link below.

Download Cryptography Tools for MTA version 1.1 (MTA Crypt)

Stay chooned for news on many upcoming releases.
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08 May 2005 06:21 pm = 1337 H4X release day.
New DRuG member, and long time clan associate, [DRuG]NVX has cracked the Encryption used in MTA 0.5 and created a library for use with mIRC, as well as a second library for use with C/C++, ASM, Delphi, VB, etc that contain the cryptographic functions for communication with a MTA 0.5 server. (Source will not be released at this time.) The dll for use in C programs and the like should work with every language that supports using dll with custom params and can handle non-string data, although only examples for C is provided at this time.

Inside the ZIP file are 2 readmes, 2 dlls, 1 lib file, 2 mirc scripts, 1 c header file, 1 c source file.

One readme is for the mIRC dll, one for the C dll.

One dll is the mirc dll, one is the C dll. (well duh!)

The lib file and header is for use with the c dll.

The c source file is an example for use of the C dll within a c program. (note, the c example does not connect, it just decrypts a string, i got lazy... the mirc example however does connect :P)

One mIRC script is a script with some useful aliases with conversions and is used by the second mirc script wich contains a fully working example of how to use the mirc script to connect to a server. It shows server info, allows you to send and recieve chat, and some other stuff that i cbf'd explaining, read the mtacrypt-example.mrc file :)

Download from: Neo's File Store or DRuG's Website

If you have a question, pop into IRC at irc://

Amazing work Neo-Vortex & Trix - most DRuG have already probably met Neo on IRC, pay note his name in game will be [DRuG]NVX,and that Trix is known in IRC as kynox.

This release, as you read this, is a matter of serious discussion DRuG are engaging in. We are disappointed in the way a number of people have interpreted it's release in terms of DRuG's motivations. As noted in the comments, DRuG have the sole goal of enriching MTA gameplay, not destroying it. Sadly, we understand this is not the aspirations of everyone that uses our mods - as such, we are currently exploring how we can be truer to these motives and how it can be expressed in future releases.. our apologies go out to anyone that does not understand this.

DRuG it up ppls!
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01 May 2005 05:30 pm = Vice/GTA3 combo trainer by [DRuG]Static + [DRuG]TRANSiT site launch.
Been a while between news items, but lots has been going on behind the scenes... some of which I can report to you now.

[DRuG]Static has just released a new trainer - MTA Teleport 2. It features xyz teleporting, 16 preset locations to warp to via hotkeys (that can be disabled), health level adjustment and the ability to slow health loss. It also allows you to switch between window titles, so use with different versions is easy and it works with both versions of GTA - Vice and Liberty. It is available in the MTA related downloads area and the trainers section, or you can download here.

In other news, DRuG has spawned a new flight simming clan, DRuG TRANSiT, with multiplayer server & site, headed up by yours truly. The site can be found at, and has it's own news area that I plan to keep updated like this one, live multiplayer server info and some liveries/skins I have made for the default planes to "DRuG it up".

All DRuG members are of course already considered part of this new extension, however it would be great to hear from those that intend to join in.. just click my name down the bottom and drop me an email, or add a comment below.

Nice one Static!! DRuG it up peoples!!!
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24 Mar 2005 06:28 pm = IRC server where you can idle/chat with DRuG
Thanks to the fine work of Vebome, and now Neo-Vortex, we have a devoted IRC server which is online for all of us to idle & chat in.

I encourage anyone interested in getting to know DRuG, or those considering joining, to first get to know the crew via this server.

I strongly recommend all DRuG members idle regularly in the server to stay down with the program, and anyone is of course welcome to drop in and say hi.

So what are u waiting for - point your irc client to:

C U chillin wit da DRuG! wink

*edit* Note I have just changed this server address to refer to the one everyone seems to have moved to - thanks Neo & Vebome!
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21 Mar 2005 10:07 pm = Disco Lights Mod by Jacob
Known by most as [CMC]Jacob, our latest mod comes from one of the many active participants at the mtavcsux forums, Jacob.

The Disco Lights mod will allow you to change all emergency vehicle lights into disco colours... instead of just red blue, you will see them ebb and flow through the entire spectrum.

Jacob has asked that this mod be hosted on DRuG web, and although not yet a member.. it would be great to have him aboard.


Disco Trainer 1.0
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".

Nice work dude and thanks! (also added to the "other" downloads area)
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11 Mar 2005 06:45 am = Teamspeak back on NikT's server & DRuG Special Forces mods
Well it's been a boring morning so I decided to get teamspeak up and running on my link again.. now links to my teamspeak server again, which I'll try to keep online 24/7.

Flat Out demolition derbies have become a regular thing with DRuG, but we're using a different client now. FlatOut ME is a modded edition of the game with better physics, camera angles and so on, and includes FlatOutNet for online internet play - the reason it's superior? If a server you join is mid game, keep retrying, it will add you when they return to the lobby after their current round. An update is also available for the client to v1.3 at FlatOutHQ (yes, it's in german, but you only want the download).

In Flight Simulator 2004 a few of us have been flying about in some aircraft we have developed liveries for - slowly building the air force..

Soon I will be adding the download areas for these games as promised, which includes making these liveries available and the various modding tools we are accumulating for FlatOut.

DRuG it up Peepz!
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02 Mar 2005 03:15 am = DRuG Special Forces - expansion to include new games.
While waiting for the release of MTA Blue and San Andreas, DRuG have remained on teamspeak quite actively, lately more on a private server run by [DRuG]Zidane. In this time we have become regular in quite a number of multiplayer games.. in some of them even still carrying the DRuG tag, and developing mods like player/vehicle skins and trainers.

As a result, I am going to try and expand the drug web to include some of these games, this way people can see some of the action, plus get some of the mods we've been developing.

The list of common games DRuG can be found in lately includes HalfLife 2, Flight Sim 2004 (complete with a full set of DRuG Transit liveries), Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and most notably as of tonight, Flat Out Online - this game is much like MTA, an addon to an initially only LAN multiplayer game. We have all been using it for demolition derbies across the internet with impressively smooth results.

A review of Flat Out can be found at RealGamer, or just check out the screenshots below:

For those on a faster link wanting to get a better idea of the game, a 67Mb video can be found on the Flat Out forums by clicking here - worth chekking their forums out at any rate.

Refresh regularly.. I should be adding download and gallery areas over the coming weeks.
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27 Feb 2005 01:44 pm = NikT back on broadband
Woohoo! Finally back on a fast connection so will have more time to start a few new projects. Stay tuned for more details, but gimme a day or two to do some serious leeching.
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14 Feb 2005 09:10 am = Car Spawn Trainer by [DRuG]Nonameo + Player Teleport by [DRuG]Static
Well I did say last news release to expect cool shtuff from these two... and here we go...

MTA 0.5 Teleport Version 1.0 by [DRuG]Static:
Basic features include:
- Custom spawn locations to save/load from
- 3 Window titles to choose from
- 8 Set Spawn Locations
- In game hotkeys for every location
Click here to download

MTA 0.5 Car Spawn Trainer Version 2.0 by [DRuG]Nonameo:
Basic features include:
- Warp to cars or warp them to you.
- Works with all VC stunt cars - death match/LC version planned.
- Freestanding executable, wont interfere with your scm mods.
Click here to download NonameosCarSpawnTrainer2.rar

Well done guys, and folks - this is just the beginning wink

On a side note, I'm back on broadband in roughly 5 days so I should have our public teamspeak server back up soon and the downloads pages have been updated to include the latest releases.

Finally, I am assembling a demo/loader crew to help me develop some 64kb style intros to include with DRuG releases.. anyone with experience using demo making tools like those used on, please email me.
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10 Feb 2005 08:08 pm = MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC VC v3 Release (not gta3)
Version 3 of BazW's NoCRC for MTA Client v0.5 offers further trainer detection removals and more disabled functions are re-enabled in vice.
The v3 client has unfortunately tested negatory on gta3, so stick with v2 for gta3.. it does the lot anyway. Go Baz he's our man, MTA can't stop us, no-one can! smile

Click here to download.

Also, welcome to [DRuG]Static, our newest member and good friend of [DRuG]Nonameo's - expect exciting releases from these two folks. cool
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05 Feb 2005 05:46 am = Infinite MTA 0.5 NOS by Nonameo, Member Bios and DRuG icon.
MTA 0.5 introduced NOS in the form of the RC Bandit... many discovered that any car can be substituted in SCM to achieve a NOS vehicle... now Nonameo releases this very handy mod to allow for unlimited NOS.

Click here to download for the unmodded client.

Click here to download for use with BazW's NOCRC.

Nice one Nonameo!!

Also, I am missing member bios for Noodlez, BazW and Truze - could u please each make one using the member bios section as a guide, and send me with a pic to UnderW has chosen to change names to his better known alter-ego, MrBrown - don't forget to send me a new pic too dude and again, welcome!

For the many DRuGs now developing applications, I have created an icon for you to use if you like..

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02 Feb 2005 09:43 pm = MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC LC & VC (v2) Release
With version 2 we can now mod all facets of both Liberty and Vice City portions of the MTA client. SCM, Trainers, both gta image files, handling, all your mods, aren't belong to MTA team! wink

Download by clicking here.

DRuG it up ppls!
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02 Feb 2005 07:56 pm = MTA Client v0.5 NoCRC v1 Release
Thanks to the fast and thorough work of BazW, we now have available a nocrc that allows all facets of modding to the Vice City portion of the MTA client. SCM, Trainers, gta image file mods, handling, the lot..

At this stage, GTA3 remains untouched, but wil be addressed in the near future.

DRuG it up ppls!!

Download by clicking here.

Nice work Baz, as always!
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01 Feb 2005 02:44 pm = MTA 0.5 NoCRC completed - MTA 0.5 server online.
The MTA 0.5 NoCRC has been completed in close to record time by [DRuG]BazW - this makes BazW DRuG number 4 to promptly release an MTA client that allows modding after an update - BazW the entire modding community owes you their gratitude, and on behalf of DRuG, U DA MAN!

We have a New Zealand MTA 0.5 server online thanks to [DRuG]Trix, it's game mode should alter over the coming days as we explore the new ground. Shortly we will have the usdrug server back online once I can get the access to do it - I'll keep you posted.

We are packaging the release as you read this, and it should be online in a matter of hours - refresh regularly folks to stay tuned!
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31 Jan 2005 07:19 pm = NikT b back - sorta
On dialup, but with the power of shellz, still able to do most sturf I want.. especially with the help of Trix hosting Teamspeak.

While the cat waz away, 3 new members have joined - welkom 2 da DRuG:
- BazW
- Noodlez
- Truze (this one's actually a welcome back, but not sure if I can say who yet).

All very talented oldskool players, the list of DRuGs is starting to sound better than the one in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

I should be online all times except when the housemates need the phone, which will usually be around 7-10pm AEST (Melbourne Australian Time).

DRuG it up pplzz!
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24 Jan 2005 01:21 pm = NikT will be offline for a short while - moving house.
I'm moving into a sweet new place, the only downside being that I'll be offline while I sort ADSL. It should be no more than 2 weeks, but I expect to have dialup access on and off throughout this regrettable period.

sad If you have a dialup account I am able to use for 2 weeks, please email me.

The teamspeak server address will not change, nor will it's configuration - even the teamspeak insert in the left panel remained unaffected by a very smooth move across to [DRuG]Trix's linux server. cool

For those looking for the best times to find me online over the next few weeks, I'd suggest > 11pm will be safe territory to start hogging my new housemates' phone line - we'll see.
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22 Jan 2005 01:03 am = Welcome HiRise.
Having seen HiRise on vice stunt servers quite a bit lately, we began talking, and he seems pretty cool - I invited him to join and I think he'll fit right in with the crew.. Keep an eye out for him in teamspeak - word around the office is he's got a headset. wink

Welkom 2 da DRuG HiRise!
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