MTA 0.5 Teleport Version 2 by [DRuG]Static.
- Custom spawn locations to save/load from
- 3 Window titles to choose from
- 16 Preset Spawn Locations and XYZ manual location
- In game hotkeys for every function (can be disabled)
- Health level adjustment including ability to slow health loss
DRuG BigMoney 1.0:

DRuG BigMoney Trainer 1.0
Don't left click the above download link, right click and select "save as".
**0wn n0t, lest j00 B 0wnd!!**

Ultimate Cheater
- Invinc. Health, Armor, Ammo, CarArmor etc. in this mod are lame, but
- tab = cars can hover on water makes for some awesome fun.
Ultimate Trainer
- Invinc. Health, Armor, CarArmor, Jetpak etc. work in this one.
You can run both at once. Note the files need to be in
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\
You can then launch that or another copy of the exe from anywhere.

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