I have been experimenting with electronic music now for about 3 years... when I first started I thought I'd be pumping out tracks within a few months, but only just now am I starting to progress from loops & concepts to complete compositions.

NikT-Soother.mp3 still needs percussion & a cute voice sample.. but I'm still in the process. 8)

NikT-Soother-BeataddedMix.mp3 still needs work on percussion & a cute voice sample.. another cut, still in the process. 8)

NikTrathen-deepest.mp3 still needs work on the drumbeat, but is getting there.

Shortly I will be putting some of my more complete tracks online, so keep checking back - this is an area of great development.

To hear a special song that I've just found after searching for years with no info on the artist, click here. 539Kb

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