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My writing

Postby rcdarkangel on Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:34 am

Well while a lot of people may may not consider blogging "real writing" and nor would they consider it art the closest thing that I have is my blog and I think that my writing is actually somewhat enjoyable.

I enjoy satire and technical opinion so its mostly what you will find.

Two of the better articles: ... sole-wars/

It’s 3am in the morning, you sit in the basement of your mothers house and stare with the fury of a thousand angry fire ants at the screen of your PC as you heat up another burrito in the microwave oven that you keep on a box in the corner of the room. The night has been long and dark, in fact you feel as if you have been awake for days, the battle taking place on your screen has taken a heavy toll on your body.

You take a quick glance at your burrito, it appears to of finished warming. You remove it from the microwave and attempt not to slam it down in one go, hell dominoes Pizza does not open for at least another four hours and you must conserve energy for the coming battle less you pass out due to lack of greasy invaluable nourishment.

This article is more opinion and less satire but its one of my most linked to articles so figured I would include it: ... able-myth/

One of the most often criticised habits of so called Apple “fanboys” is that they are so easily led around by the collar by Steve Jobs that they might as well be simple pawns in his chess game. A mere squeak from the mighty Steve on any product good or bad is enough to drive thousands of the Apple faithful to spend, spend and spend some more.

Well there are another group of people displaying some similar behaviour of late however this time it seems to be the technical media who are driving this fad. On any given day of the week at any of the major technical blogs/news site you will see stories and adds promoting the “Ultra portable notebook” that every man and his major Chinese assembler seem to be pumping out of the factory these days.

Feel free to let me know what you think, I can take constructive words of advice :) Now if I could only find the time to update it more often.
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Re: My writing

Postby [M4D]FULL_METAL on Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:00 am

wow, thats a great way to put your point out, and who cares if its blogs/forums or anything really, if it comes from the brain or the heart its worth reading, as long as you are either proving a point like you have, or like me, that has a wild imagination, and likes to put emotions onto paper, or this case documents
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