Resolved: MTA server outage today - followup

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Resolved: MTA server outage today - followup

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:11 pm

Hi folks,

Since commissioning in the new mta server, things have been running sweet as, however, looking at the server being offline today while at work, I found myself unable to contact it in any way. Upon return home, I discovered the CPU usage at 100% according to the GUI system monitor I had running on the desktop.

The MTA server seemed to be up and running with 1 user connected, however, the moment I tried to run any command in shell, it responded with "Segmentation Fault" - normally this only happens when attempting to access a server with a dead drive - given we have a brand new solid state OCZ 60Gb disk, this causes me great concern.

Because nothing was responding to the commands that should have gotten everything working again, I was forced to reboot - this is never cool - although it fixed the immediate problem, it tells me nothing of the root cause. Unfortunately, nor do the logs - the only weirdness apparent in there was that both the wireless and wired networks were connected - naturally only the wired should have been.

So I've disabled the wireless, but can't promise you that's the end of it... hopefully things run smoothly from here - maybe the drive glitched... let's hope it's ok from here in.

More info as it comes to light.

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