The Aristocrats *warning offensive*

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The Aristocrats *warning offensive*

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:40 am

the Wiki for the movie wrote:"The Aristocrats" is a longstanding transgressive joke amongst comedians, in which the setup and punchline are almost always the same (or similar). It is the joke's midsection – which may be as long as the teller prefers and is often completely improvised – that makes or breaks a particular rendition.
The joke involves a person pitching an act to a talent agent. Typically the first line is, "A man walks into a talent agent's office." The man then describes the act. From this point, up to (but not including) the punchline, the teller of the joke is expected to ad-lib the most shocking act they can possibly imagine. This often involves elements of incest, group sex, graphic violence, defecation, coprophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, child sexual abuse and various other taboo behaviors.

South Parks version - too offensive for their show - was in the movie..

The movie was awesome - not many films you see with a comic lineup like this:

* Chris Albrecht * Judy Gold * Jay Marshall * Chris Rock
* Jason Alexander * Whoopi Goldberg * Jackie Martling * Gregg Rogell
* Hank Azaria * Eddie Gorodetsky * Chuck McCann * Jonathan Ross
* Shelley Berman * Gilbert Gottfried * Michael McKean * Rita Rudner
* Billy the Mime * Dana Gould * Eric Mead * Bob Saget
* Lewis Black * Allan Havey * Larry Miller * T. Sean Shannon
* David Brenner * Eric Idle * Martin Mull * Harry Shearer
* Mario Cantone * Dom Irrera * Kevin Nealon * Sarah Silverman
* Drew Carey * Eddie Izzard * Taylor Negron * Bobby Slayton
* George Carlin * Richard Jeni * The Onion editorial staff * The Smothers Brothers
* Mark Cohen * Jake Johannsen * Otto and George * Carrie Snow
* Carrot Top * The Amazing Johnathan * Rick Overton * Doug Stanhope
* Billy Connolly * Alan Kirschenbaum * Gary Owens * David Steinberg
* Tim Conway * Jay Kogen * Trey Parker, Matt Stone (as the South Park kids) * Jon Stewart
* Pat Cooper * Sue Kolinsky * Larry Storch
* Wayne Cotter * Paul Krassner * The Passing Zone * Rip Taylor
* Andy Dick * Cathy Ladman * Penn & Teller * Dave Thomas
* Frank DiGiacomo * Lisa Lampanelli * Emo Philips * Johnny Thompson
* Phyllis Diller * Richard Lewis * Peter Pitofsky * Peter Tilden
* Susie Essman * Wendy Liebman * Kevin Pollak * Bruce Vilanch
* Carrie Fisher * Bill Maher * Paul Reiser * Fred Willard
* Joe Franklin * Howie Mandel * Andy Richter * Robin Williams
* Todd Glass * Merrill Markoe * Don Rickles * Steven Wright

Many other comedians were filmed but not included due to time constraints. According to a letter to critic Roger Ebert from Penn Jillette, Buddy Hackett and Rodney Dangerfield were both intended to be included, but died before they could be filmed. Jillette also indicated that, this being Johnny Carson's favorite joke, Carson was also invited to appear, but declined.

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