eSports Championship League

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eSports Championship League

Postby [M4D]FULL_METAL on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:04 pm

Hello all

Everyone must be aware that the goal of this tournament, not just competition, but for
Fair competition - fun - fair play

1. The conditions of the League |

A. if any player used hacks and cheating , he will exclude from the Championship
B. and if more than player used hacks from the clan , the clan will exclude from Championship
C. Download MTA:SA 1.0.3 , Or MTA:SA 1.0.4 to ensure using Handlings
D. when the clan not attend the challenge , please post a request to delay the Challenge , if not , the clan will lost .
E. Maximum Players : 6 vs. 6
G. Rounds [Base: 5 - Arena: 2 ]i

2. Registration |

Add a response here, and fill in the following data:

Name Clan:
Tag Clan:
Leader and Vice Leader:
The number of members of the clan:
Clan site:
Agree to the terms? (yes or no):
Your Email(Msn):
Email Vace leader(Msn):

3. ● Champions Awards |

#1 First place: will be determined later
#2 Second place: will be determined later
#3 Third place: will be determined later

4. ● Clans Registred |

1. Ghosts
2. ReX|~
3. |RaS|

Update Soon

5. ● Referee |

Update Soon

6. ● The organizers of the league |

iPerfect- Dramex- al_W_leed

We hope you participate
Add me if you want to help the Messenger /
i.Osamah @


i happen to come across this while having a look around on the mta forums, what do you think, if you are interested, let me know and i shall sign DRuG up for it
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