What Consoles do you own?

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What Consoles do you own?

Postby Choma on Sun May 23, 2010 12:43 pm

ive got:
Playstation 3,
Playstation 2,
Playstation 1,
Master System MK1000,
Master System 2,
Nintendo 64,
Super Nintendo, (complete with 2x copies of "Shaq Fu" - if you dont know how epically bad that is, google it, also look out for the website that wants to destroy every copy in existence (but they never will, as their not gettn my copy!!))
2x gameboy colours,
Atari 7800....

Slightly Off Topic i also have:
2 Win-laptops,
several mac-tops,
palm pilot,
ipod touch 16gb,
iphone 32gb,
1 main comp,
several old school mac's,
50" pioneer plasma@1080i (main gaming screen)
32" CRT (TV and old gaming screen)
Super Old School CRT aswell - wooden box and dials and knobs and all!!!

Anyways, can any y'all top that?
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