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Re: GTAIV PC Official

Postby [DRuG]KillFrenzy on Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:43 am

[DRuG]NikT wrote:But as far as the tools used? Pretty much the same ones for every version, sometimes with backward compatability... so modding should get going pretty quick, all depends on how quickly to tool coders start to understand the updates to what is hopefully, Rockstar's existing framework.

The thing is.. I think Rockstar changed the framework completely. The reason it was similar across GTA3, GTAVC, and GTASA was because they all run on the same game engine, slightly modified for each of them. An entirely new game engine usually means an entirely new framework. I hope that Rockstar can kick start the modding community.
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Re: GTAIV PC Official

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:00 am

Let's hope they try to keep some resemblance of their usual layout, hopefully they've done so for the ease of their own coders, which in turn, should make both the tool and mod authors jobs easier.

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Re: GTAIV PC Official

Postby [DRuG]Mortal on Sun Aug 10, 2008 4:49 am

Not much has changed, only become more modular - pretty much the same tools, as Nik described, with much smarter ways of handling data and file structures.

It's all in a bunch of little convenient packages (not nec rpf) - way cleaner than even bully, and especially SA. Just a little more crowded now - however you can definitely expect WAY less fragmentation of game files. WAY less pop in on PC since this new modular change makes each chunk WAY smaller - read on, you'll see:

Far as modding goes, indeed it is an existing framework - further optimized.

For instance, All IDE/IPL are inside their own img files now with their related DFFs needed and other resources placed in that same img. So, if one wants to edit (if this were SA) the whole of LAe2.IDE - it's all right there in it's own little area, obviously making things 100 times easier for us, doing away with the old way of having it all in the same img.

Another little piece is that a lot of paths are apparently built right into the models. Think SA's "2dfx benches", extended to, for instance, control the paths/spawns for an entire building, yard, and set of balconies.

As far as the maps go, we're in for a really pleasing experience - this is, quite possibly, the first time we won't really need a 'Map Cleaner' to drop sections and replace them. Since everything in a given area is in it's own little shell, modularity takes a huge upgrade. Want to drop bohan and replace it with... like... something else? It's going to be way easier this time around than it was to, say, drop San Fierro and keep LS/LV.

I know, makes sense to drop one of those cities in SA, but LC would just be an incomplete city at that point - but you guy get the point, modularity has taken a front seat in GTARage, and there is a lot more goodies to be mentioned, too. But about my system/required specs...

I imagine RAGE is more optimally coded than RW due to advancements in 3D since RW released, plus it's not middleware, so it's obviously faster on any given testing platforms of the same specs - at least that's the usual skinny on things like that.

And current gen consoles like PS3 are actually pretty weak - especially 360. PS3 only has a 7950 in it - however I'm sure it's PCIe2.0 or maybe even 4.0 or whatever the newest one is being called.

My problem is that I've got an AGP 8x interface - which might be, by nature, too slow - UNLESS that 7600GT-AGP I have my eyes on is still pumping as the industries "Lower End of High End" for these days - then I will be happy. I can live with 1024x768 for a year or whatever.

But the PC world is Already leap years ahead of the consoles (though, not my box :P) , with consoles having the edge with PS3's 7 general purpose cores - that's amazing - you haven't even seen a single game that utilizes that yet - but since 360 "held back the market" with old-gen DVD media and other old-gen, non-gaming, better-for-office, certainly not tailored-to-gaming hardware choices, we still get PC games (yay).

I bet my AGP is going to be the bottleneck that kills it for me :P I really don't think it's going to be able to run fast enough to keep up with the low-settings I'll undoubtedly have to set for the rest of the components :/ Upgrade <3

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I can't believe we will have to wait until 2014 to play GTA V on PC.

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