Welcome JabbaTheSlut, New MTA & SAMP released

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Welcome JabbaTheSlut, New MTA & SAMP released

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:27 am

http://drugcrew.com wrote:With the recent release of MTA 1.0.4, support of external HTTP resource servers is now operational. This spells huge things for the MTA online scene.. SKC have responded with a server containing maps with external models, replacement vehicle models and other large resources, which now transfer super fast. ALW also have a new game mode on their MTA server, custom written to include a ladder with advanced stats - done in the true style of ALW, this mode is very addictive, as is working your way up their ladder. DRuG's server has been configured with a stack of new maps -- everything off community.mtasa.com - I've optimized those that include unusually large resources, such that we are able to have maps like the mariokart one, but without having to wait for 4mb of music that inevitably gets muted anyway.

As far as SAMP goes, the new SAMP server has presented a lot of opportunities which the crew have been working hard to get the most out of - be sure to visit http://www.aussiegameserver.com & the AU, US and UK samp servers - they're mostly run by the DRuG crew, assembled around [DRuG]Killfrenzy's FDM mode.

[url=../../index.php?pg=members&act=nav&member=107]JabbaTheSlut[/url] has been racing in MTA for as long as I can remember.. he's highly regarded internationally as a fast racer and has been an admin on DRuG's MTA for quite some time. I'm pleased to announce that he accepted our invitation to join DRuG last night - something I've been trying to get happening for a while.

Welcome to da DRuG [url=../../index.php?pg=members&act=nav&member=107]JabbaTheSlut[/url]!!!!

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