ALAR: Any Last Admin Requests - SAMP Server Manager

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ALAR: Any Last Admin Requests - SAMP Server Manager

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Fri May 15, 2009 1:05 am

This mod is now into it's second revision, and one of DRuG's more epic releases in the San Andreas era, so I felt perhaps I should make an announcement about it, such that it doesn't get missed.

Giving us the ability to manage SAMP servers, delegate admins, use advanced admin scripting etc that is not shipped as part of samp, but expected to be within whatever modes the server runs, ALAR is an essential part of any busy SAMP server.

Much like but a totally different beast to [UVA]Scooby's PRS for MTA Race administration, this spells epic things for samp servers.

New in version 1.2, which has just been released:

* Fixed background alpha in admin logs
* Changed so using 0 as the colour uses the default colour
* Changed /aflip to put out the fires on vehicles
* Fixed newline in reason when unsuspending/unbanning
* Multiple adminchat prefixes now possible using | eg "@|#|//"
* Fixed ban/suspend msgs not showing with some modes using YSF
* Added "Admins Spectating" to /asinfo
* Added "paused" to spec hud
* Added log message when a perm muted/jailed/frozen player joins
* Fixed the spectate HUD so it updates when /asetname is used
* Added /alog to toggle admin log keys enabled & to change the log page

Click here to download now

This is is framework upon which AGS's SAMP server is based, responsible for the fantastic community they have there.

AWESOME WORK [DRuG]Dabombber!!! :) :) :) :) :)

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