All good must come to an end

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All good must come to an end

Postby [DK]Vectra16V on Tue May 29, 2012 9:25 am

As off today 29th of may, Skyline is closing down all the Wimax mast around the the country, they simply went bankrupt. (googletranslate if needed)

The company started out with a huge investment in the technology, but not enough investors (like me) to back it up.

This means I have no choice, but to go back to the slow 2/0.5 mbit connection I had before.
Next to me is my gamingserver, sitting next to my ftp server, looking at me like two little dogs with glares in theire eyes "does this mean you will shut us down?"

Yes im affraid so

DRuG EU is no more...

But rest assure, IF I find a solution you´ll be the first to know

veccie out
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