Help me Create fancy game related gear.

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Help me Create fancy game related gear.

Postby [DRuG]Zidane on Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:29 pm

Hey Ladies and GentleDRuGs,

I'm working on a few designs for Game related collectibles at the moment, so far i've nailed down templates for Metal gear related logos such as FOXHOUIND and Drebin893, but am working on a couple from FTL (faster than light, a pretty neat indie game

I'm also working on some sweet yet functional Raspberry pi cases in CAD, but i would like some creative input on form and function, (compact vs spacious, vents vs solid panels, Vesa mounts for tv/monitor?)

if you would like to get involved, why not take a peek at the page, i'm not asking to give something for nothing, and contributions are certainly appreciated in any form they come :)

I'm going to be adopting bitcoin for payments after the kickstart as well, so that's always a plus if you prefer to use crypto-currency for your random object purchases.

Bitcoin Details: 1GzzWFXY2rPJUmqMDZgbFmLvwTNYpEHXv1
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