1.1 and custom handling.cfg/default.ide support

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1.1 and custom handling.cfg/default.ide support

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:18 pm

With the move to 1.1, custom handling support is available.. but the current resource doesn't really suit the way we've been replacing cars.. it aims at a global replacement where ours are replaced on isolated maps.

I've made a post on the developer of hedit's thread, asking if there's some way his work can be adapted to our sort of server, but thought it wise to put the worrd to the streets - if anyone can assist with some lua to include with our maps that already have substituted cars in lua, please - let me know.

*edit* Progress on the thread.. I'll copy the post verbatim to here..
nnnikt wrote:
Remi-X wrote:This is going to be in very soon, as a feature to save your handling to a resource. When that resource gets started, all vehicles of your selected type will get that handling.

That will be epic... when this happens I can switch the ~ 500 custom cars I have on DRuG's server over to their intended handling. I can wait - I've already been saving their links for a long time now to do just this.. thankyou for working on such a useful resource!

qaisjp wrote:I suppose that would require saving your handling via map name. However, nnnikt, I think Remi-X would allow use of the part of the code for handling.cfg importing, if you credit him, ofc.

I'm happy to wait... and to beta the new shiz as it comes to light :mrgreen:

[DRuG]NikT takes a seat and waits

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