Setting up MTA 1.1 race server complete

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Setting up MTA 1.1 race server complete

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:25 pm

Tonight I've been working on preparation of the resources and testing of the 1.1 server.

It's now working with all the resources from the 1.0.x server, plus the updated ones from the new resource pack.

This time updating was particularly difficult because they've changed the layout of the resources directory - you can ignore the new way & just dump them all in one folder, but I've been careful to try and organize them within the new structure - took a bit longer, but I like it.

(*edit* complete) I'm in the process of uploading the compressed resource pack to the web server which is slow going - it'll probably be affecting the speed of the mta 1.0.x server in the meantime, too. Upload is at 10% and I expect it to go for about an hour, at which point I'll be able to connect to the (passworded) server and do some final tweaks.. I expect it to be finished in a few hours.

Annoying for me? I just updated on the weekend to the most recent binaries and in the process had migrated the resource pool to that - took the best part of a day... for nothing, since now I'm just repeating much the same process. [Aww]


The server is now live with 1.1 - we've now got a new speedo because the old one wasn't compatible with 1.1.

Enjoy folks!

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Re: Setting up MTA 1.1 race server complete

Postby [DK]Vectra16V on Fri Aug 26, 2011 4:50 am

Hehe yeah it looks like I have my weekend planned out here aswell, found an old box in the addic to test on.
Ill be on TS from Saturday late night local time :)
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