Criss Angel Vice City mod

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Criss Angel Vice City mod

Postby R0ck_S()lid on Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:15 pm

Hey Guys!!!

I know i'm new to these forums BUT!!
I'm developing a Criss Angel mod and I want some coders (and mission builders) and some modellers to get this idea running! So if you wana join up and want to have a look at what you could be involved in, just read the jobs below:

- Coders:
- Make missions, e.g make them as if you have to do performances in front of people, film a show, etc
- Make new key combinations, so you can levitate, teleport etc....

- Modellers
- Make a 3d Criss angel model (I will give you a brief on what to do, what he should look like etc..)
- Make/Remake the Vice City Map so it has landmarks such as The Luxor Hotel, The Alladin(?) and make it so it kinda looks like Los Angeles....

Just remember you don't have to do everything in your chosen catagory!!
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