MTA DM 1.0 Server: Live ajax map & stats

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MTA DM 1.0 Server: Live ajax map & stats

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:00 am

This isn't a mod by DRuG, but check it out, I've just installed Webmap by Cazomino05 - v2.0.0, and it has provided us a way to lock down the web administration panel in such a way that we can provide web stats and live map without requiring a password.

Which allows us the following so far, with many more to come.. I'll be organizing an area on the forums for these..
Stay tuned, for I will tune. :D

*edit* the above two functions are now included as controls for the "live game server stats" box on the board index.. instead of just viewing the server list in that box, you can now switch to map or stats. :ugeek:

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