Cleo mod to warp you into the plane whose wing you're under

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Cleo mod to warp you into the plane whose wing you're under

Postby [DRuG]NikT on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:00 pm

A very handy modification if you install planes but have trouble getting into them... this mod allows you to enter the vehicle by warping into it (you need to be under it's wing) by pressing the "u" key.

Firstly, it requires cleo 3 installed in order to work..

Video tutorial on installing cleo 3 framework for San Andreas, for people too stubborn to read:

1. Go on the site and click on cleo3.rar .
2. Make Backup of your GTA SA Folder.
3. Make a new folder in your GTA SA Folder with the name CLEO .
4. Unzip cleo3.rar into your CLEO Folder which is in the GTA SA Folder.


How to INSTALL a CLEO Mod.
1. Download the cleo mod.
2. UnRar the .cs file into the CLEO folder which is in the GTA SA Folder.


Now for the cleo script that allows you to press "u" to enter the plane you're near.. copy attached file to your "cleo" subfolder you made when installing cleo.

This wasn't by me - it was with a car mod, the readme of which referred to not being the author, but did not list who was?!

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