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[DRuG]NikT (03 May 2013 05:54 pm)
So as you can probably tell from the dates of our news posts, we don't really update our root website much... But we are still very active... both on the web and in the gaming scene.

Web interaction with the DRuG crew is best obtained at http://forums.drugcrew.com.

In game? Well these days DRuG are active all over the place - we have members playing Diablo III, Minecraft, WoW (but not me.. oh god), MTA San Andreas (on Mr Greens, SiK, ALW and other purist racing servers), SA-MP (the final deathmatch servers found globally are ours) and many others.

In the mod development scene, we are most visible - many of DRuG's core members are involved in a project called Just Cause 2 Multiplayer - [DRuG]Trix, one of our coleaders, is the founder of this project. They and many other members of the crew can be found on IRC in the server irc.jc-mp.com, channel jc2-mp. JC-MP has been getting as many as 2000 people in game during the open beta weekends they've held recently. With race, derby & deathmatch modes via lua scripting already introduced, it is shaping up to be the next big thing.

This site really just serves as a central placeholder for DRuG's other web based resources - we strongly recommend you visit our forums and have a chat with the crew - let us know what you've been playing and "where the fun is".

Thanks for dropping by and Welkom 2 da DRuG smile

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