3 new members, MTA 1.0.4 out!

[DRuG]NikT (16 Jun 2010 12:42 am)
With the release of MTA 1.0.4, support for external resource hosting is finally working 100% - we've enabled it on both the AGS and DRuG MTADM Race 1.0.4 servers.

File transfers in game now fly in, with the resources being hosted from the AGS web server, thanks to [DRuG]Mouldy and the AGS crew - the 5Gb per day of bandwidth used on my home link should be reduced as a result. As an added bonus, the speed of transferring resources in game from this new server is a lot faster, and leaves the game server free to concentrate on player synch.. less players are timing out which has resulted in lots more people joining 24/7.

With the scene very active both in SAMP and MTA, I felt it a good time to sign 3 new members.. I've also started trying to consider assigning roles to people as they join when it seems suitable, as a way for us to get the most out of our people's skills - if you see youself as filling or suitable to a particular role and wish to create a new one, please message me on the forums.

Killer57, Ryant and Full_Metal all come to us from the AGS SAMP server.. with Full_Metal originating from SiK as an MTA racer, he's also now more often found in SAMP.

It's great to have them all aboard - welcome guys!

With Full_Metal's connections in the scene and his experience in both SAMP and MTA, I have assigned him the role of Race Coordinator - over the coming months he's going to be arranging DRuG's contribution to the current ideas floating about in the scene with regards to race championships. If you are interested in being involved, please give him all the help you can.

Welcome 2 da DRuG Ryant, Killer57 and Full_Metal!!!! smile

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